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The past few months have been filled with tons of travel with Joshie AKA Lil Intern. Road trips are my fav, but the last few trips have been plane rides with just the two of us. I must say, he’s an excellent traveler, but he definitely was O V E R it  at the end of the last plane trip!! Having good gear and being prepared was a huge help. Also just as important, the better relaxed I was, the happier he was. Hopefully these ideas will help you on your next trip. Joshie is now 15 months for your reference, but we’ve been traveling with these products since he was teeny tiny.


I’ve purchased and used all of these products for myself after extensive amazon review reading and youtube tutorial watching. I can honestly say that they’re all lifesavers! When you’re flying on an airplane solo with baby, you want to travel light! I didn’t have anyone helping carry all the junk… just me. I ended up checking our suitcase (one that we shared) and a TRAVEL STROLLER (love this one because it folds up super tiny and comes with a backpack bag!!). I rented car seats at the rental car company. No need to schlep your own! All I had was my backpack on my back, and my baby in a carrier on my front.


#1 JUJUBE BACKPACK and WHAT TO PACK IN IT – This backpack is large and in charge! There’s enough room for my laptop, ipad pro, all the baby stuff AND all of my stuff! I love the straps are padded and wide, making it nice and comfy. There’s a little phone pocket and lots of inner organizing pockets. It has a secret back pocket with a changing pad, but I like to bring THESE because airplane bathrooms are ick. If I’m not bringing my computer, I can fit several thin books in the back pocket. THESE books are my fav because Joshie can open and close the flaps a million times, plus there’s so many words to practice with him- it keeps us busy! THIS toy is thin, light, fun, and takes up lots of time. I pack one diaper per every 2 hours of travel (from the time I leave my house), baby wipes, hand wipes, diaper bags for poopy diapers or wet clothes, an extra romper in case of blowouts, snacks for him (I put crackers in a hard Tupperware so they don’t get smashed), snacks for me, sippy cup, hand sanitizer, my fav hydrating lip gloss, super thin and functional wallet, other mom stuff!


#2 RYAN AND ROSE PACI AND CLIP – These are simply gorgeous. Have you ever seen a more beautiful paci?? The white ones are my fav, but that’s only because the black ones are brand new… time to go shopping. I love their simple leather paci clips not only because they’re chic, but also, they save them from dropping on a gross airport floor! When you’re flying with a baby, it’s always good to have them suck on something when they’re going up or down in the air to help their ears. If I can’t get him to drink his milk or water, the paci is a great alternative. The other nice think about these pacis is that the other side is perfect for teething! Smart and chic.


#3 HEMMING BIRD BIBS – If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably never seen Joshie without a Hemming Birds bib. Josh started out having acid reflux as an infant, and has now just transitioned into a major drooler. These bibs are SO pretty and of course save his clothes from getting gross. I admit I have an addiction, but look at all the patterns she offers!! You will too! THIS style of bib is better for when he’s really drooly as it soaks up everything. THIS one is good for eating or spit up as it catches everything in the bandana style.


#4 MAMA AND MINI SHIRTS – I mean okay… I’m a little bit biased on this one. Simple, cute, and clearly announcing “Helloooo I’m an amazing mom, comin’ through!”. They go with everything and are super yummy and soft. Travel comfy always! I love traveling in THESE pants sooo much and THESE comfy shoes which look cute with the sweatshirt!


#5 BABY TULA CARRIER – I find it MUCH easier to keep him strapped into my carrier for handsfree movement. Then there’s not rushed folding of the stroller at the end of the jetway. The Tula is SO comfortable. I tried another carrier which killed my shoulders!! I put the Tula on and immediately the pressure dissipated from my shoulders. It’s super simple on the front, not fussy at all. I LOVE the pocket on the waist. It’s where I kept my phone so it was in easy reach. It’s also super cute so…


#6  MOON AND BECK ROMPER – If you’ve seen any of my stories ever, Josh is usually in a Moon and Beck romper. They’re soooo soft and chic, and considering that I mostly wear black, he always matches me! I love that they snap at the bottom for easy diaper changes. They last forever because you can buy them one size bigger, and the length just looks like cute harem pants. Then when your baby grows, they look like a more fitted romper. Super smart! I like to tuck his paci in the pocket when he’s not using it. Because seeing it drag along the airport floor… ew! I always like to travel comfy, so I assume Joshie would like to be comfy a well- no waist bands for us please and thank you. The fabric is so soft and roomie, not to mention light weight, so it’s comfy for the both of us.


#7 STARRY KNIGHT DESIGN SHOES – Yet another baby goodie I have one million of… it’s an addiction! The leather is buttery soft and in the most beautiful colors too! They slip on easily but for some reason, Joshie can’t pull them off. He’s tried “real” shoes, and they’re super distracting for him- he always tries to take them off! Since these moccs are leather, they don’t take up room in the suitcase and are super light. I squish them flat and am able to pack several pairs. They’re not only easy and comfortable, but again… they’re super chic. Sense a theme here?



* Wash wash – I pump a little bit of bubbles on his hand, and he rubs them together. I know this seems… strange… but he loves it and asks for wash wash over and over and over again.

*Wipe Wipe – Ummm this is where I give Joshie and hand wipe and he wipes things like the seats at the gate, or the tray…..sense yet another theme here?

*Cup hand – ask the flight attendant for a few empty cups and put them on his hands, feet, head, etc. I put the cup on my head and pretend to sneeze it off. He’s a great audience.

*OTHER TIPS – When we’re waiting in the airport for our flight, I like to pick an open space where he can crawl around. Since I don’t have bags that would go on the overhead space, I board very last (as long as I have an assigned seat)! It just gives Josh more time to move around and get energy out. If you’re on Southwest and can pick your own seat, go all the way to the back row. There’s a really good chance no one will set next to you! Babies on planes are kryptonite.


Good luck with your travel!! Hope this helps!




  1. My biggest worry with Baby #7 is being able to pack everything for him, sister who with be 2 shortly after baby is born and 4 year old bother all in one bag, and packing all the essentials for them. We live in a small town away from everything, so any distance becomes a trip.

  2. I’m always weary of germs flying with my son! I want him to run around and get the energy out but everything in an airport/plane is so dirty. I do my best to wipe down the row with Clorox but it’s all in the air too! Our last flight I came home and got the flu within hours. Any keeping it healthy while traveling tips??

    • My favourite travel tip is taking a deep breath and going with the flow! I feel like I do enough worrying and freaking out before the trip even starts and the best thing I can do when we are on the road or at the airport is just go with the flow and not loose my peace 🙂
      But on a practical hands on note : my favourite tip is a baby carrier because it makes life 100% easier to have both hands free!
      Biggest Travel worry: sweet baby none stop screaming for some reason on the plane crammed in the middle seat between two other people 😩

  3. Thanks for the tips!! Mt biggest worry is having all the kids have a meltdown at the same time. Any suggestions for parents with multiple kids?

    • I always bring a toy or two or an activity book to meep my daughter busy and avoid meltdowns. I usually book our flight on her nap time so that when we’re inside the plane, she’ll drink her milk (still on breastfeeding) thn sleeps. 🙂

  4. My husband and I travel nearly every weekend with our two littles. Reading your tips is super helpful, and after seeing your favs it makes me want ALL of these products to make our travels with two under two so much easier! Absolutely love this blog

  5. I love traveling with my baby girl. I’ve traveled on a plane with her 3 times within the first year twice without any help.
    The best advice I can give you is to bring lots of food for you and baby. It can be hard to have the right food for you both while traveling.
    I couldn’t have survived the airport without my baby carrier. Strollers are great but between a toddler trying to run off, the diaper bag, your bags and trying to collapse and re open the stroller it can be more hassle than it’s worth.

    • Love this, thank you!!!
      Planning to travel cross country after baby #3 to visit family for the holidays.
      I had an experience while traveling with my then 3 and 1 year old while moving cross country 8 years ago. Was on a plane to move with them by myself as my husband drove out things from PA to CA. My one year old was having a rough time. Crying and fussing which lead to my tears flowing. The lady in front of my had no empathy and showed no grace. A king women a few rows back wrote me a beautiful note. Telling me how great of a job I am doing. It won’t last forever and to just love on my baby and don’t worry about anyone else. I still have it 10 years later and now do the same for parents having a challenging time while traveling!

  6. Biggest worry is baby will get sick and I won’t be near my pediatrician or in my own area. Also, it flying the baby will cry the entire flight.

  7. Going travel with my newborn is hard without a mama bag and a carrier! I am so getting used to wear baby carrier that I can’t go anywhere without it♡

  8. Traveling with a baby just sounds terrifying! But I love all these tips and tricks! The games are my favorite!

  9. I loved this blog! Where was this when I first traveled w my little one?! My baby is now 1 year old and I travel almost every 3 months w him. My biggest worry is always the stress of how he will behave on the flight. So far I have been so lucky to have a sleepy baby but can’t help to stress about it. It’s so helpful to fly first thing in the morning! Thank you for all the great tips and product reviews! I’m definitely shopping for some of these!

  10. Me and my husband will be flying back home (a 6 hour flight one way) for the first time with our already walking 10 month old. I am terrified of the flight. I’ve never traveled via plane with a small child. I’m hoping all goes well. Thanks for the travel tips!

  11. We traveled soooo much when my now 3 yr old was 9mo-2yrs old that my biggest thing was always baby wear if you can , especially through TSA at the airport & always bring snacks for you and baby !
    (Instagram @mntx3)

  12. My best travel tip is stickers! When my first daughter was 11 months old we took a 5 hour flight. We gave her a sticker book and pretty much let her decorate my husband and myself with stickers, our water bottles, the seat, you name it…there was a little clean up before we got off the plane but it was great entertainment!

  13. Eee these all look amazing and super useful! I haven’t traveled via airplane with my little yet, but will be in March to go to Harry Potter world 😁🔮⚡️And I’m definitely worried about how that will go! But also very excited cause uh Harry Potter world!!!

  14. My daughter is now 5 and has done approx 40 flights.
    The tips I have for while a bottle feeding bub is to take just TWO bottles on board and get them washed straight away and refilled with hot water after…. always take more formula than you think you’ll need. Plane trips are thirsty trips!!
    As 4 and 5 yr olds … a lollipop for descent is a must -last week we thought we could skip it because -sugar. Boy were we wrong! 2little kids in agony as their ears tried to adjust to the pressure
    And if you are a parent traveling without your kids -help a mumma or dadda put however you can! It means the world to them!!

  15. Terrified of being the mom on the plane with the crying baby, but I love the idea of having him ready to go in a carrier.

  16. My biggest fear with travelling is forgetting that one little something I dont think I need and then that turn a into my second biggest fear where I overpack and end up using only 5% of what I pack. It’s a catch 22 mess. This set up seems like a perfect travelling with baby sort of plan. Thanks for this blog and these great tips!

  17. Best travel advice: always remember to slow down. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in making everything happen quickly when traveling so purposely schedule yourself with ample time for layovers and outings! Otherwise, what’s the point of travel right? We need to be able to enjoy it and so much of our stress comes from time constraints!

  18. We recently traveled with my then 8 month old. Thebdwys leading up to the flight were HORRIBLE as I played every aspect of what could go wrong in my head. I mean who wants to be THOSE people with the kid who won’t sit still! She actually did GREAT! Lots of snacks, some new toys and books from targets dollar section (any excuse to go to target!) and Sing on the tv she was an angel! My biggest tip is to breathe, and trust the journey. I can’t wait to go again!

  19. My biggest fear is little man getting sick in the carseat. No way to clean it when your on the road unless you pitstop at a laundry mat for a hour…

  20. These are great tips! I especially like the games. We like making a game out of taking the cap off the soppy cup and putting it back on 🙂

  21. Air travel with kids can be stressful… I’m hoping my 7 mth old enjoys the carrier while trekking around the airport. My 2.5 yr old needs lots of games to keep him occupied, and hates sitting in his seat so maybe we’ll try wash wash and wipe wipe… We love travelling as a family at Xmas, that means our dog Wilson goes in a kennel in the cargo hold, because we can’t leave him behind. Hoping for a peaceful flight at Xmas!! And some taxi vans…🤞🏼🙏

  22. I love all these products so much! Traveling with a babe can feel like such a burden. My husband and I took a 16+ hour road trip with our 3 month old and it was actually amazing! Maybe because our daughter may be an actual angel, but we also were given some great advice that helped so much. One thing we did was drive through the night so that our babe would sleep through most of the trip. Also, one of us sat in the backseat with her at all times. That may seem a little excessive to some of you reading but it was actually so helpful. When she needed something, we didn’t have to reach back in a moving car or pull over! At every stop (if she was awake) we got her out for the duration of the stop so she could stretch, play and just get some fresh air. That seemed to help her so much. All that of course, plus her favorite lovie, her paci, blankey, a few things for her to play and chew on and we were set! 16+ hours went so smoothly! Love your blog so much, guys! Seriously good work. <3

  23. My must for travel is keeping a thermos of hot water in the car Incase I need to warm up a bottle on the go.

  24. My travel tips consist of
    1. Always make a list if you’re going on a far trip! List the numbers of things needed.
    2. Pack snack bags in advance, they come in handy when you have toddlers!
    3. Have kid friendly music when the time calls for it, I download lots of tv show songs and silly songs when traveling.

  25. My biggest fear about traveling with the babe is that he might cry the whole time and won’t settle, disturbing the other passengers. I never thought about booking a seat in the back row. Genius!

  26. Good ideas! I save a special stash of travel size color books and sticker sheets that are only for travel or going out to dinner to keep them interesting and exciting to her. I also always make sure to have a healthy snack in our bag
    (one for me, too! Patience is easier to find when I am not hangry 😉)

  27. One thing I quickly realized when traveling alone with my four month old is to not be afraid to ask a stranger for help. Trying to fold up her stroller to go through the X-ray machine would be impossible if the kind woman behind me didn’t hold my daughter for a minute. People are genuinely good, so use them

  28. Loving all the black matching items for mommy and little traveller. As a new mom, my worst nightmare is not having everything I need while I’m travelling with my Little traveller and the Jujube backpack is the best companion to fit all of your needs for the trip.

  29. Love this! My husband is a Spoken Word poet and does a lot of traveling for his job and now that we have our little man we are traveling as a family! These are wonderful tips and products! I was excited to see the pat pats and clips from Ryan and Rose! One tip someone told me is to book an aisle and a window seat because the middle seats are always booked last. And if someone ends up booking it on a full flight you can switch them one of your seats! We tried this on our first flight with our baby and it worked! We got three seats all to ourselves!

  30. These seem to be all the essentials for sure! My.biggest travel worry is having a crying babe. Instantly makes me panic!

  31. These are really good tips , my son is five weeks old and I’m terrified of two things. I’m terrified of him having a meltdown first and foremost . I get stressed so easily and especially if things aren’t completely organIzed . And honestly flying already stressed me out. When I’m stressed out trying to calm him, he literally won’t do anything . He has colic too so he screams constantly and we’re supposed to travel for Christmas ! Secondly I’m scared of a major poop explosion when we’re seated. Like , what are you supposed to do if it’s take off or touch down ? Ah horrifying .

  32. Bigget thing I hate about travel with littles is interrupting nap and bedtime. They are completely different children then1

  33. Travel tips :
    – pack many more diapers than you think you will ever need, and bring wipes, wipes, wipes.
    – always bring an extra pair of clothing.
    – Pack extra favorite and essential items.

    My biggest travel worries is having a fussy baby on a plane and forgetting essentials or losing important items. 😅

  34. I just traveled from Seattle to San Diego with my ten week old alone and I was so scared she’d cry the entire time but I wore her in my free to grow Tula and she slept the flight there and the flight home. It’s definitely my go to travel item now. And thank you to the mom who helped me fold the stroller and had the stroller and car seat open and ready waiting for me when we landed. She was the only person to offer assistance and not give me a dirty look #momsunite

  35. A backpack is ABSOLUTELY essential when traveling, as well as a paci clip, a carrier, tons of wipes, and a blanket.

    If your baby is under a 2, bring their birth certificate or a passport. Be prepared for TSA to check the wipes, any breastmilk, and bottles. They’re likely going to swab them and you can’t really fight it.

    Another trick is bringing a neck pillow…not for you, but as an impromptu boppy pillow for more comfortable feedings in flight!

  36. I have traveled with my son before he was walking everywhere and while I was breastfeeding. It gave him comfort and he wasn’t anxious to get away from me. Now he always wants down and I dread traveling because I don’t know how he will be now that he is older. These are great tips though to keep him entertained and happy. Thank you for sharing!

  37. Wow thanks for the advice! Especially the cup one I. Know my daughter will be a fan of that!! We leave for our family trip and her first flight in a long time in 10 days!! so I’m a bit nervous on how I’m going to entertain her thanks for the advice!!

  38. These are amazing tips !! I freeze apple juice boxes so I can get them trough security and use on plane trips. We also bring window clings !! Love your blog

  39. Hello from Instagram!!
    First of all, love your blog! I got sucked in right away😂
    My biggest fear when traveling is traveling with 3 kids by myself! I don’t have a carrier of any kind so trying to haul a newborn, toddler and preschooler through an airport would be alot to handle without the proper neseccities!

  40. This stuff is all so cute! And the travel tips are super helpful too. Giving them a sanitizer wipe and playing the cleaning game is my favorite haha.

  41. I’m so in love with all of these items! Seriously obsessed. I feel so unprepared this time around with my third baby girl with so many other things going on at once.
    I am also a flight attendant and have endless travel times to give. But nothing is better than simply being prepared. Having the things we need for us and baby instead of relying on others to have things like snacks, or blankets and toys.
    Anything to make it easier!
    Anyway, love these products a ton so I entered to win! ❤️

  42. A travel tip I have is to pack your diaper bag lightly if you’re going to be carrying it around. It gets heavy, and you really don’t need 5 different outfits. My biggest travel worry is that my son will have a flare up of reflux while we’re out which makes him scream inconsolably. I don’t need people judging me.

  43. Kudos to you dear! 🙂 I always travel alone with my daughter since she was 2mos old because my husband (her dad) is working at Singapore while we’re staying at ghe Philippines. It’s a 3hr flight everytime and traveling alone with a kid is not a joke and definitely our hands are full. Good thing there are products like the carrier and bagpacks that can help us. All the products that you have mentioned are life savers. Keep it up! 😉

  44. My favorite travel tip is renting car seats from the car rental company! It’s such a hassle to haul a car seat around with a toddler and a baby. Plus the get tossed around during transit and could get damaged.

  45. I love the diaper bag. Its ideal for all types of travel. It allows you to be hands free and you can take care of your baby without a hassle. The pockets are a plus – easy to organise and find your stuff.
    The pacifier is absolutely gorgeous. Trendy and smart as well as the paci
    clip to keep that dummy off the floor and most important it won’t get lost.
    Bibs – I love bibs. I always make my baby wear a bib. It keeps their clothing clean and keeps bubs neat and tidy. These bibs are gorgeous and look trendy, not boring at all.
    Mama and me shirts – who doesn’t love to be matching? They are also light for travel and dirt won’t show easily because of their colour – that’s a plus
    Tula carrier – eeek. I love babywearing. It helps me bond with baby and keeps baby calm and happy. This is a number one travel companion. It keeps mum at ease – baby is with her strapped on and her hands are free. Baby can also sleep and nurse too. I would love to travel to Cape Town in December and this will be perfect for our flight.
    Rompers and soft shoes – comfy and trendy. Rompers are comfortable, easy to change a diaper and you wont lose a piece of clothing if you in a hurry.
    Awesome prizes up for grabs. Hoping to be the lucky winner #fingerscrossed

    My biggest travel worry is child trafficking. At the moment in South Africa child trafficking is on the rise here in South Africa . And it’s scary. A baby carrier keeps baby safe and mom at ease. Its an essential travel companion.

  46. I would love to win this awesome giveaway.. I can imagine myself headed to to the park or through an airport with my mini wearing a matching mama/mini sweatshirt.. I would be hands free with my on trend rose gold black jujube backpack, my mini in my Baby Tula carrier.. and when my mini got too hot, remove the sweatshirt to reveal the cutest black and white Moon and Beck romper with matching Hemming Bird triangle bib! Of course no baby outfit is complete until you pop in that matching black and white Ryan and Rose paci and clip.. and in case mini wants to run around, thank goodness they have the cutest Starry Knight Design black moccasins on.

    Travel tip: Purchase and bring in carry on/ diaper bag plain white onesies in a multi pack.. in case of blow out no need to save the onesie if it’s a bad blow out.. simply toss and put a new clean one on.

  47. My biggest worry is always that my son is going to have some sort of melt down that I cannot stop or sooth and I get filled with so much anxiety thinking of it! One thing that I’ve done specifically on airplane trips is packing my son his individual backpack filled with new goodies and activities to keep him entertained and happy!! Thank the Lord it has worked really well each time!!

    • I am posting again, I don’t think my post from last night went through because the page would not load, so I am trying again and I am sorry if it did go through for posting again! I would have to say my biggest worry traveling was messing up my baby’s routine and sleep schedule, due to being in a different enviroment, doing different things, and just riding in the car for 8 hours but lucky enough it didn’t! I do have a tip, I think it helped us because we left at 2:00am and our baby slept over half of the way! I sat in the backseat with her of course to check up on her and be right beside of her if she needed me. We also stopped 3 times to let her stretch and eat of course! I feel that leaving early made a huge difference, and as far as bed time we didn’t do anything differently, the only difference was that she was in a different enviroment and bed. We kept the TV on for sort of a night light like she’s used to, and gave her a PATpat to self soothe with her special blanket. We kept it pretty simple!!

  48. My biggest worry with traveling with my 9 month old is that it always seems like we have so much useless stuff packing in a million different bags/containers. We always need new things and tricks to keep him entertained on road trips and such. I also don’t have a carrier for him but it would make it so much easier when being out for the day instead of hauling the car seat or stroller everywhere! We are frequent travelers to Cincinnati children’s hospital and the few hour drive from home just makes it restless!

  49. I found the Tula carrier for getting through an airport is a huge helper! The Ryan and Rose PAT PAT & cutie clip are perfect for keeping track of the paci while traveling. A good comfy outfit for baby and mom are always good choices. Finding the perfect diaper bag has always been a challenge. We used 4 different ones before finding a one good sized for traveling. Good snacks and extras of everything are a must! Exactly why that big diaper bag is a must for traveling!! Love all of these products!

  50. My biggest worry isn’t about under or over packing…because I can always buy something I forget. Nope, it’s having two rambunctious toddlers who don’t always listen, causing a scene or jumping on chairs and me being a mess.

  51. Great post! As a FTM and serial over-packer, my biggest fear of traveling with my babe is lugging around all of the extra ‘baby supplies’ plus the actual baby – not only during the airport portion of a trip but also the day-to-day stuff like packing up a bag and settling down at the pool for a few hours, or going on a day trip – it is all quite daunting! 😬

  52. I have had to travel internationally for work which can be stressful while breastfeeding – I learned a tip that the first class flight attendants usually have dry ice, so ask them to save you some to keep your milk frozen or cool on long flights!

  53. Biggest Travel Worry: I had my beautiful girl this past July and we have not traveled yet but are planning our first trip home for the holidays. I’m so nervous to fly with her. I don’t want her to freak out on the plane. She’s already not a fan of the car and 15 minute trips to the Dr. I definitely appreciate all the tips I can get!

  54. Thanks for the travel tips and review of all the products! I haven’t traveled with baby#3 yet….we’ve traveled with my older 2 and always had to pack a separate bag of toys and things to keep them busy. Definitely will try to pack lighter when we travel with this baby, getting that thin toy and doing some of the activities you described. Loving the tips in the comments as well!

  55. I would love to win this! We have a Disney vacay coming up; and I will be traveling to meet family with a 2yr old a a an infant!
    My fave travel hack has been late night flights, and a new toy that they have never seen, so it’s new to them! And comfy is key!

  56. I am definitely here for all the mommy travel tips! New mom who loves to travel and gets the travel inch a few times a year so I’ve definitely have been anxious about not being able to travel with my little peanut and leaving him with grandma is not an option (I’m glued to him 😊). Current fears are as follows, germs… germs everywhere, baby melt downs, mommy melt downs, dealing with angry people due to said meltdowns , running out of necessities and not finding what he needs or wants in foreign locations and not packing the right items. I guess those are all my fears but reading many of these comments have actually answered many of my questions or at least made me realize I wasn’t alone! *Moms Unite!* and at least when I travel my peanut can do it in style with these items!! *fingers crossed!!* 😊😊😊

  57. My biggest worry when we go on a trip is baby spending to much time in her car seat and making sure she’s fed and happy. A happy baby means happy mama! I ebf but pump for when we go out on a trip to have milk on hand just in cause she needs milk and mama can’t get right to her unfortunately I have to take the wheel on or trips most of the time.

  58. My biggest worry when we first traveled with our little one was just stressing out about things not going smoothly. As a planner and people pleaser, I found it hard to not stress about certain things not going right and as plenty of moms know, that’s not always the case anyway! But even just carrying him or wearing him, it made all the difference in my travels going smooth! 😊

  59. My biggest worried is when my son and my baby were make some noise and all the passanger telling bad about my child.. 😭 I will feel so sad..

  60. My biggest worry when traveling with my children is illness, which can’t always be prevented; just prepared for.

  61. Thanks for the tips my biggest fear is the meltdowns, judgementing looks from other people when my kids act up. Or a poopy accident 😓

  62. I think the best advice I can give a Mommy traveling is besides taking the baby essentials, take a goodie bag full of baby favorites.Its very important to keep baby happy and comfortable.In the baby goodie bag you can put fav pacifier, stuffed animal,toy,blankie,snacks.Each one of my children has a travel goodie bag whenever we travel and they work wonders.Keeps my babies happy and smiling.

  63. I usually worry about my kids meltdowns because strangers tend to judge and roll their eyes which makes me even more nervous. I pack lots of snacks, drinks and entertainment but with little kids you never know that might happen and what did you forget to pack.

  64. My biggest worry traveling would be how my kids would behave while traveling but I mean whose worry isn’t that right. Now in society people can be so mean or rude and just say something in public to other moms about their children. Truth is we are all trying very hard to do our best. 😭😭😭 loved reading this by the way and all the different tips you gave! I hope me and my family will be able to travel soon I would’ve so excited 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  65. Biggest worry is the child decides to poop during the flight because the toilet is so small and cramped, it makes it so inconvenient to change the diaper. What makes it worse is the announcement of turbulence when you are half way changing and the air crew come and knock on the door asking you to get back to your seat.

  66. I haven’t traveled in a while but definitely packing extra things clothing, diapers, snacks whatever you can think of, is definitely helpful because you never know when you need an emergency outfit!

  67. My biggest worry traveling or going out, being a first time mama and all, is my baby not being comfortable not being in his regular setting. He’s so used to his bassinet and the feel of our room that I’d be worried about him feeling anxious ! I’ve found that baby wearing is helping him and I get used to being out and him discovering the world with him strapped to me and close to my heart and better yet, at kissing distance! ❤️
    Another things that worries me is accidentally forgetting to put something in his diaper bag ! Being a first time mom is definitely something to get used to but so exciting. I’m loving every second of it.

  68. Love these tips! Great game ideas and boarding strategy. My biggest worry is being so focused on baby that I forget something or lose something!

  69. I have never traveled with my 4 month old, but travelling with my high strung 3 year old is a job in itself so I can’t imagine bringing both!

  70. Traveling internationally with our 10 week old soon. Worried about her little ears popping and the folks around us if she cries! Worried about not having enough clothes for blow outs and volcano spit ups! But mostly excited! I think starting them traveling young is important to create a life long desire to adventure!!

  71. I like to also bring some head to toe baby body wipes just in case, and I always keep samples of medicine. Also can’t forget burp cloths and a few receiving blankets! My biggest fear that makes raveling with my twin 6mo girls hard is having to do things one at a time while the other waits. Whether that be putting them in car seats or changing a diaper in a public restroom etc. Inof course sorry about germs and do my best to wipe their little hands as much as I can!

  72. my traveling tip would be to bring snacks to munch on between breaks and to bring coloring books,word puzzle books when,traveling so the kids won’t stay bored and have something to,entertain them

  73. Love it!! My biggest worry is, “can we really do vanlife during our parental leave.” It’s our dream and we are getting the van ready… can we make it real?! Any tips on roadtripping with very little ones are appreciated 🙂

  74. Forgetting my babies favorite blanket or pacifier on any trip 😳 my biggest worry but fear is if they get sick during the trip or on the way to or from there , we don’t prepare for a sick baby during travels 😣 tip : pack extra u just never know!

  75. My biggest fear is loosing my child in a foreign country! Thats why my travel tip would be to use a baby carrier : hands free and close to me! My baby is only 2 months old so a carrier would make things a lot easier for me!

  76. We live traveling with the kids and babywearing is definitely the one thing that makes it so much easier!

  77. Best travel advice, would be to always have a ton of things to occupy your little. Snacks, games, stickers, put together new things that you can slowly introduce through out your travel time that can keep them occupied. My biggest travel worries would be that I’m 36 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and I’m not sure how I will balance more than one little person when we’re traveling, mainly because kiddos are so unpredictable, especially at 2 and as a newborn lol

  78. Traveling with baby Hudson get my mom worries on overdrive. Will he get jet lag? Will he get sick? Will be have any discomfort from the pressure change? Sillhe fart and burp enough to disturb the person next to me? I hope he just sleeps the whole way!

  79. My biggest worry when traveling is that I did not pack enough for my kids. Yes, it’s true you can always buy what you don’t have or forgot when you’re on vacation – there’s bound to be stores around !! BUT things are not the same when you’re traveling without your favorite kids stuff !!!!!!!

    I love these items featured on this post. MUST have!

  80. This blog post couldn’t come at a better time as we will be traveling with our 18 month old in December ACROSS THE COUNTRY, and I’m freaking out. My biggest fear is that my daughter will be uncomfortable or restless in her car seat on the plane, and will cry the entire time. But, I also know that’s life sometimes. These items would certainly be really helpful on such a big trip for us!

  81. My biggest travel worry, is my baby screaming the entire flight! I solo travel with the kids, and it’s exhausting.

  82. Thanks for all the tips! They definitely will come in handy for our first trip. I have a 2 month old and I’m worried about traveling and she getting sick while away or if flying crying and being inconsolable.

  83. Thanks for all the tips – love all of these products! Expecting babe #1 right now and I’d have to say, one of my biggest fears for travelling with them is their comfort. Especially when it comes to long distance travelling – such as flying on an airplane.

  84. I fly at least twice a month with my 6 year old and I’m expecting baby #2. With my first I used a baby carrier so that I could hold my baby hands free while moving through the airport and on the plane. I love the look of this baby Tula in the blog post!

  85. I have to fly very often with my baby to visit family and have been flying with babies for many years as a nanny. My travel tips are to bring noise canceling headphones, a pacifier for them to use on take off and landing to pop their ears, and wear them onto the flight so they are nice and close to help prevent some of the germ spread and also helps them fall asleep quicker for the flight! For older kids being noise cancelling headphones that can play music and an activity book and snacks.

  86. Tnx for great advice, this is going to help us a lot, since we want to travel with our little guy in December. Now I need what I need too travel, but most hopefull is advice with rentnig a car seat when flying, I did not knew that. Thank you very much 🙂

  87. My best travel tip is to buy a few small, inexpensive toys and wrap them in layers of tissue paper. My little boy loves unwrapping them (and it takes him ages) so it’s almost two toys in one! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this competition as we travel with our little one lots. insta: @kirstylovesnorway

  88. Renting car seats ! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that on our last trip!😒. I’m sure it would be helpful having all these baby gadgets to travel with!! My one travel trip would have to be stickers and tape for baby. It kept my little man busy for about 30 minutes🙌🏻 That’s a long time in the baby world. Thanks for the chance to win this stuff!!

  89. When i think of travelling i don’t think of flying, most of the travelling we do is by vehicle.

    Those portable dvd players are great for long trips in the car.

    Lots of snacks.

    Setting up a little go to rescue bag for on the road of activities, different toys, fun stuff is a necessity for when they inevitBle get tired of what they were originally given.

    My main concerns when travelling is not being able to keep the baby settled.

    Oh ya and change the diaper right before you leave or i suppose board the plane, poopy diapers on a plane or in a car.. gross.

  90. My biggest worry while traveling with my little one will be the germs! She is due in December and I know so many people will want to touch and see! Not happening over here!! I’m worried I will have major anxiety with this as well,

  91. I’m also worried that since I traveled a ton as a baby / was told I was an amazing traveler, that my little girl won’t be ha!!!!!!!

  92. My kids are frequent travelers and have been since they were little. We will be adding twins to make our little crew total come to 4 kiddos under the age of 5. When we travel I bring everything but the kitchen sink is what my husband says but I like to be prepared for any situation. Lollipops are my favorite for take off and landing to help with those popping ears.

  93. Thanks for the tips!! My biggest worry is that I will not pack enough or the “essentials”. My son has never been on a plane!

  94. I did travel with my 3 month old baby by myself and almost had a break down at the airport when I couldn’t gate check a stroller and I didn’t have a carrier and could not find a stroller at the airport. Luckily my baby was the best traveler. Going back for Christmas is going to be interesting with 2 kids under 2 🙈 I will have my husband to help me this time on the 9 hour flight and all the layovers.

  95. Good ideas! I save a special stash of travel size color books and sticker sheets that are only for travel or going out to dinner to keep them interesting and exciting to her. I also always make sure to have a healthy snack in our bag
    (one for me, too! Patience is easier to find when I am not hangry 😉)

  96. My biggest worry traveling with my baby is that I won’t have packed everything she needs, she will scream and cry the whole time, and she will get sick.

  97. My biggest tip is just do things in your time, when your our and about with kids there is always something that can happen. The clue is to breathe, relax, don’t put pressure on yourself and ask for help if you need it. I run a lot of our errands by myself and I have a 5,2 and 3/4 month old. My tulas come in handy a LOT because I am able to be hands free. Especially with the dangers of strangers I’d rather wear my kids than have them in a buggy or stroller. It gives me an extra peace of mind when I already feel scatter brained in target trying to remember the list I forgot at home.

  98. My biggest worry is how I’m going to now take two kids with me everywhere. My daughter has been good on flights so hopefully, fingers crossed, my son (due next month) will be too.

  99. My biggest fear, gosh so many things… probably a medical emergency happening in a foreign place with no friends or family around. On top of all the little things like forgetting your basics, running out of diapers/wipes etc ha!!

  100. This November we will be travelling with our (soon to be) 3.5 month old son. We are not experienced travellers ourselves so I’m basically worried about everything! Hunter is not on a specific nap schedule yet, but both flights will be happening during his bedtime routine…we’re hopeful he will sleep for the majority of the flight (naive much??).

    As several people have mentioned, I’m a little stressed about what other people will think if poor little Hunter doesn’t fly well and their experience is less than pleasant because of it. At the same time, I’m hoping that with the right gear I will feel as prepared as possible and pass on my “calm” to my son (and my husband lol).

    Thanks for all of the great tips and wish us luck! 🙂

  101. These are really helpful tips as I’m expecting my first baby in March! I was worried about changing my baby in an airport because of all the germs but the changing pad in the Ju-Ju-Be backpack make me feel a lot more comfortable! Thanks!

  102. I traveled a lot with my son before he was 2. Most trips just him and I from East to West coasts. I was terrified at first. Some things that saved us were, pick good travel times and layovers. I’d try to pick a flight around nap time, then have a layover where he could run around then nap again on the next flight. That worked well when he was young. On one of our first flights the flight attendant gave me almost a whole bags of antibacterial handi-wipes. Traveled with them ever since. Also i would always change his clothes as soon as we got to our destination.
    I was always afraid he would cry and scream and disturb other people. Most people are understanding. at the end of the day my sons needs come first so sorry for ya if he cries for a minute while i get him settled.
    Safe travels mommas!

  103. Having a backpack style diaper bag really helps keep your hands free when traveling with little ones. Another great way to move about freely with kids is babywearing. It helps having the backpack diaper bag at this point because a traveling companion can then help you wear it while keeping their hands free, or if you’re front carrying, you can still wear it! My last tip is when flying, if you’re breastfeeding, feed during takeoff and landing to prevent ear discomfort from altitude change. We traveled with our son at a young age and everyone complimented how well behaved he was. We can only hope the next baby follows suit!

  104. I just traveled with my first for the first time! The way was awful she cried 5/7 hours and it was awful! On the way back I made Some changes left at 3am and had her in her pjs with a stuff animal and little blanket. And she slept!! 3-8! We will
    Be flying soon and my biggest fear isn’t totally germs! Thankful for baby carriers to keep them close!!

  105. I do worry about traveling with baby and exposing them to many germs. However, I think exposing them to many experiences at an early age with give them the confidence to be plots the world around them and see the beauty of the world!

  106. We will be travelling this November with our son Hunter, who will be 3.5 months at the time. Since my husband and I are not very experienced travellers ourselves, I have worries about every step of the process!

    You made a great point in the article about keeping calm.and collected yourself, as Babe (and hubby) are sure to feed off of our energy. Hopefully with the right tools this will be easier!

    Our flights are scheduled around his bedtime routine in the hopes Hunter will sleep as much as possible; however, he can be fussy when it comes to sleeping (he just hates to miss out!). So, I would say my biggest worry is that he will stay awake because of all of the excitement and then reach a point of no return when it comes to getting on the plane….

    Would love to have this gear package to help us along the way, and thank you for the great tips! 🙂

  107. When it comes to traveling with my 7 month old baby girl, I have learned to pack SNACKS. This girl can eat, like, all the time. She still gets bottles during the day but loves her solids. We live in upstate NY and have the wonderful opportunity to take road trips to some beautiful places around the state, but with that comes frequent stops along the way to get baby girl out of her car seat to let her play and eat.

  108. I’m a new mom so I don’t have any tips. My biggest worry is not packing enough bottles/diapers/clothes and the long car side as my 6 week old son does not like the car seat,

  109. My biggest travel fear is not being able to comfort my baby on long rides or on the plane. We’ve gone on one long car ride and she’s done great! We go on our first plane ride next month. I love reading these tips! I this giveaway is amazing! I would love to win and show off those sweatshirts while traveling and carrying Avery in the baby Tula! The diaper bag would be amazing to bring. The bib, teething toy, outfit and shoes- love it all!!!

  110. Tip:
    Prepare an itinerary ahead of time. Keep it on your phone and print a copy and give each and everyone of your companion so everyone is in sync 😊 And don’t forget to bring a carrier! It will always save the day.

  111. I love the baby carrier idea! I never actually thought about it ! The on we currently have requires two people to get the baby in and tied up! This seems so much easier especially when alone!

  112. Tip:

    Prepare an itinerary ahead of time. Keep it on your phone and print a copy and give it to each of your companion so everyone will be in sync 😊 and always bring a carrier with you, it always saves the day!

  113. My fav travel tip is using one of those funnel style formula dispensers to prevent messes trying to scoop out of a container. I bring 4 portions on our day trips and flights and have never spilled!

  114. I’m going to be flying with my son in February once he’s 8 months old. I think my biggest concern is that I’ve waited too long to take him on a plane and I’m concerned about the take off/landing process because I know babkes can’t pop their ears like us. He mostly takes bottles during the day and. Years at night and I’m concerned he’s going to fight me on his bottle when we’re taking off/landing because everyone suggests that they eat during those times to help with their ears!!! I’m also so stressed because I will be all by myself and not have an extra set of hands for everything we need!

    • The best thing a flight attendant told me was that it is only on descent! So don’t panic on takeoff hun.
      Does bub take a dummy? That helps too.
      You would be surprised how thirsty they get on board… my bubs have always accepted a bottle on descent.
      Also, if they don’t and their ears play up it is horrible for you and them but everyone ed on the plane totally gets it so don’t worry about what they think…. do what you need for you and bub… forget about everyone else.

  115. My biggest worry when we travel is always that he won’t sleep and get over tired. He is not good at sleeping when there is action around him so finding an empty gate to nurse and babywear is key!

  116. So far my favorite traveling tip (that works for my son, atleast) is headphones! He’s got his little kiddie headphones and thinks it’s so cool to plug them into the TVs in the airplane and he will just sit there for hours watching tv. Of course eating snack, after snack, after snack. Always trying to book travel times around sleep and nap schedule so we can get as much sleep in on the traveling as well 🙂

  117. All of these are great tips. I haven’t flown with my 2 year old mainly because I’m afraid he won’t do well. Any time we take a road trip I always make a list so I don’t forget anything.

  118. I am DYING to try a Tula with my 10 month old. I want something that will front face and rear face and that will last as a while longer. Do you think the Tula would work for this?

  119. Such a cute blog! Also I find it super helpful with my first on the way in just 2 months! We will be traveling from east coast to west coast a few months after he is here!

  120. We are traveling to Austin today for the weekend. This will be our 5 month olds third trip (second time flying!) Our biggest concern is that they won’t let us fly with him. He is adopted and we are still waiting to finalize so we don’t have his birth certificate. This is a much needed trip to meet our godson and spend time with our best friends. Last time we flew, he was only 2 months old and he slept the entire time. It’s going to be harder this time because he is so much more aware and awake. We would love to win this giveaway!

  121. My biggest worry when traveling is my boys getting sick or having a melt down in the plane. I like to pack medicine and extra toys to try and prevent.


  122. My biggest worry with traveling will be having a fussy baby, making everyone around annoyed or angry. I’m a first time mom, so just about everything is going to worry me!!

  123. I always worry a lot over my 20 month old’s tantrums while in a plane. I would get glaring stares at me as I struggled to calm my LO down. I travel quite often so it’s imperative to find comfort for us both. We’ve decided to purchase her own seat from now on. She’s quite the adventurous little one, so sitting still is a challenge for her (and me, lol). I absolutely love these items and would greatly benefit us as constant travelers!

  124. My travel tips are to- wipe down that seat!!! My friend is a flight attendant and says they rarely do- my wipes are always black!! Also wear your baby- if you breastfeed- nurse on the take off and the landing. Finally – bring an empty mug with a lid- they can pour your drinks in there and you don’t have to worry about spilling!

  125. We haven’t traveled yet, but this coming weekend we’re driving up to see my mom’s family and it’s a 2 hour drive with a 3 month old. It might not be a long drive but she really hates the carseat and cries whenever the car stops moving. I’m hoping she’ll sleep through the whole ride but you never know. I guess my biggest fear is that she’ll cry the whole ride there and not being able to pick her up and make her feel better.

  126. My biggest worry😬 with traveling is being able to pack everything i need! My family lives out of state so traveling for our family is a must! Im ready in December to give birth to my 8th child!🙌 and this travel set is perfection!😍 Lets start off with the most beautiful stylish jujube backpack stress free knowing i had all the room to pack for my 3 toddler’s and new born!👌 All while waring a matching mama/mini sweatshirt for my oldest baby!🖤 No need for my babies to feel jealous✋Because there are more amazing item’s to go around!😍 My smallest baby would ware the most beautiful black and white moon and beck romper!🖤 While my middle baby would enjoy waring Starry Knight design black moccasins with the cutest hummingbird triangle bib! 🖤 While my newest little sweet pea would get to enjoy peacefully the Tula carrier and black paci!🖤😍✨ Leaving me with two open hands to manage my twins and 1 year old👬👶👶👌 Last but not least at all, the most awesome clip in hand to keep my little ones close by!🙌

    Travel Tip: I want to give a tip for all the mommys that have multiple babies! I know it can be hard at times…i found that having that one extra chane of clothes/onesie that you can toss if you have to💩 is a life saver!🙌 and keep that favorite toy/paci handle!🖤

    P.S Thank you for your tips!🙌 Wish me luck!🤞

  127. Thanks for all the tips! We are expecting our first baby boy in december and we are planning to go in vacation nect spring ! As a flight attendant I know how planes are not that clean (the air and surfaces) so Im scared my baby would catch a bad virus ! Also, Im not sure how to handle a crying baby onboard! I’ve seen many ambarrased parents trying to calm their babies and ouff I was feeling bad for them! Hopefully, the baby will sleep all the way ! 🙂

  128. We have only traveled with my baby once, she was about 7 weeks. She did great because naturally, she slept the whole flight (it was only 2hrs). We have a trip coming up with a much longer flight, 6 hours, and now she’s almost 4 months and SO much bigger. I’m nervous she’s going to be terrible on the flight. And it never fails, the minute we leave the house she is either starving or has a massive blow out :/ I’m sure my nerves don’t help her any. Any advice for keeping a 4 month old occupied? I’m not so sure she will sleep this whole ride, and she doesn’t have a very long attention span.

  129. I’m actually terrified of traveling with my baby girl. Because she is my first, I have an irrational fear of EVERYTHING. I’m afraid of germs, “did I pack enough”, forgetting something vital, human trafficking, the list goes on… it’s officially time to get over that fear, as we’ve planned our first family vacation to Cabo in March of 2019. I am so excited, yet still have the fear in the back of my head. I’m trying to stay cautious, but not crazy, you know? Wish me luck! I plan to try games with her to keep her entertained on the plain. It would be so helpful with the Tula wrap in the airport. The jujubee diaper bag would be LIFE CHANGING. My daughter lives in bibs! Nothing but drool over here these days! And the mama and mini shirts would just be the icing on the cake!

  130. One of my favorite things to do when it comes to packing with 2 under 3 is to pack each of their outfits invidually in little ziplock baggies, when you’re finally settled down wherever you’re going you will feel organized even if you are a little jet lagged. 😉

  131. Traveling to the cottage for a weekend I feel I have down. It’s figuring out car seats and rental cars and how to get the kids and seats there safely that makes me most anxious. Also traveling with 3 with my oldest having autism and a wanderer in general can raise the blood pressure.

  132. My biggest travel concern is that my 4 year old will run off on me and I won’t be able to catch her because I will have the new baby in tow as well.

  133. This is very helpful! We are due with #1 at the beginning of the year and are pretty intemidated by traveling with a baby. I know there will come a time when it will have to be just one of us too so this article helps to plant some ideas for us! I love that your little one likes to wipe off everything with hand wipes!

  134. These would be so incredible to win! Would make life with 4 baby girls ( ages 5, 2, 1 and 2 months) so much easier! I always worry about how I will do it, especially when I am on my own, and these are such awesome products!!!
    Travel tip : snacks…always pack snacks!

  135. My biggest fear is having my super passionate (nice way of saying LOUD) babe upset other passengers on the flight! 😵

  136. I am always worried about skipping naps when we travel! When we skip them at home it seems to be a mood changer so I constantly worry about making sure my son (7 months) keeps his same nap schedule. Wayyyy easier said than done when we aren’t at home though!

  137. We havent traveled yet wirh our 4 month old. Cuz im just to scared of all the germs and all those people. I makes me panic even thinking about it. But also alll the stuff to bring.. This blog is really helpfull♡ and I hope in time that ill be less in panic about travelling ♡♡

  138. I would always get nervous traveling with my toddler as the meltdowns are pretty unpredictable and i was worried about the evil stares/ looks people would give. But I’ve learned to give myself some grace and realize that I’m doing the best I can. But one thing that has helped is taking red eyes when I travel! It always around her bedtime, so she’ll sleep for most of the flight!! Meanwhile mama can get some zzz’s too or at least have the flight in peace. I also bring plenty of snacks and entertainment like toys, books, or games on her iPad! Works like a charm!

  139. My biggest worry about traveling with my little one is going on the plane for the first time with him. Also breastfeeding in such an open & close quarters place. I’m always afraid we will forget something!

  140. Pregnant with my first and will be traveling shortly after baby arrives. Super helpful and looking forward to continuing with our trips with baby in tow!

  141. I am a first time mom to be! I will be commuting about 2 hours away for work twice a week with baby to be in tow. These items were super helpful to read about!

  142. My traveling tips are label baby stuffs which he will be using in a day and put a happiness or positive quotes in all label because it help you to be more motivated as a mom every time you read it. It helps you to be a stronger mom as well, and surely it will makes your traveling experience with your little one a enjoyable trip.

  143. Those are lovely items! I actually do fly quite a bit with my 7 months old baby boy and I always use JJB backpack and I do use baby carrier as well! Would always recommend to travel with backpack and carrier rather then pram, it’s so much easier! Also make sure your baby is comfortably dressed, once I picked onesie as an extra set of clothes, had to use it and it was a little small, resulting in a hole which was made by his big toe, poor little thing!😅

  144. The first time I flew with my oldest he was 1.5 and I was so afraid of him crying, being restless, or one of those nightmare kids on the flight. So I brought him his own bag full of goodies that periodically we would bring things out of to play with or snack on or whatever. I continued to use this method when I flew with my second son who was 6 months old the first time he went. Both times it worked wonders. My third son was 2 months old when we flew for the first time he mostly slept or was latched onto the boob! But with each kid that fear of an unsoothing melt down lingered

  145. One of my biggest travel worries is not having enough entertainment! Even on shortish car rides it seems like all her favorite toys just aren’t appealing to her. She loves wash was though, we’ll have to remember that on our next trip! Thanks!

  146. The best thing we’ve done when traveling with our now 11 month is bringing new toys even one she hasn’t had which gets her interested and intertained! Also snacks and bottle ready!! She’s been a good traveler flying twice to Mexico and once on a cruise ship!!!

  147. We have to travel with enough stuff to keep my 8 month busy, she is a very busy body!! I love all of these ideas! Thank you! I took my daughter on a plane when she was 3 weeks and she did soo good! We may be going on a plane next month and I am more nervous about it now because of her age

  148. Thank you for all the tips. I would love to travel to see my family with the new baby but I’ve been so nervous about how to make it work and what to take. This definitely helps!

  149. I am always so worried about running out of something or forgetting an important little ones item when traveling! Such a great post! Awesome tips!

  150. My biggest worry when traveling is forgetting something that I need for my son. DON’T forget the nose sucker! We went on a cruise Aug 2018 and my son hadn’t ever been sick before. I overpacked for him, but the one thing I forgot was his nose sucker. The last day he caught some bug from another kiddo on the ship and had so much snot, but I had no way of helping him (he was 10 months). The gift shop does not sell them lol. I now don’t go anywhere without the nose sucker.

  151. All the items listed are absolutely amazing! This will be my first child due Feb 3rd 2019 and I am beyond excited and always looking for tips to make things easier. What I fear with traveling is taking too many things or not enough but also if traveling by air taking strollers and car seats etc.

    JUJUBE Backpack – looks like my style all the way! You cannot go wrong with black. I have read that it is also has a lot of compartments and space which is a major plus when it comes to carrying necessities for babies.

    Ryan and Rose Paci and Clip – I love love love the beaded clips and love that on the website there is such a variety of clips to choose from. I love that the paci is also made of that silicone rubbery material allowing no air to make the baby gassy.

    Hemming Bird Bibs – I love the bandana style bibs and the fact that they are so soft. I also love the different patterns they come in.

    Mama and Mini Shirts – I am all for their shirts! First of all I love wearing black and second of all I am having a girl yay so these are sooo beyond perfect!! Their clothing looks super comfortable and stylish!

    Baby Tula Carrier – I actually have one of these on each of my registeries and marked as most wanted. I have looked at many different carries and my husband and I decided this was hands down the best and the one we absolutely wanted!!

    Moon and Back Romper – I love seeing babies in rompers. I love that these are super comfortable, light and easy to pack. They appeal to my likes when it comes down to style, colors and patterns.

    Starry Knight Design Shoes – I love all the styles and colors they have to offer and the fact that their shoes are made out of a super soft leather to ensure the baby’s or toddlers comfort!

    I am absolutely in love with this blog and all these products displayed!!


  152. I love all the tips and recommendations! I love the idea of giving them wipes and letting them clean! That’s great, easy and simple since you already have wipes on hand. Getting cups from the flight attendant is a great idea also since they are always looking for something new!

  153. I drove 22 hours from Alabama to Colorado with my 2 year old. I did 2 things that saved me: 1. Filled one of those clear plastic fishing tackle boxes with all the little compartments with different snacks and called it her “snack tray”
    2. Bought 22 different trinkets from the Dollar Tree and wrapped them individually like little presents. I gave her one each hour to entertain her.

  154. Me and little one are always on the move. I’ve always loved to travel and now that I have my daughter I want to show her the world. We are actually going on a trip to New York and the carrier and bag would be perfect for our trip. The sweaters would also be a perfect fashion statement for me and my daughter .

  155. Love that I’m not the only one who loves baby carriers! #5 We use them for just about everything. From Zoo trips, grocery shopping and even cleaning the house! How else am I supposed to get things done with an infant!! Lol I stopped packing the old kids clothes in the bag. We just pack an extra bag of their clothes and always keep it in the car. That way if we are going somewhere and one of then has an accident I’m covered with out over packing the diaper bag!!!
    Love all the tips!!!!

  156. Thanks for the awesome tips!! I needed to see this!! These seem like great items that I should check out! Already know the cutie clips are great bc we have 3 and the nature sutten paci’s have been great! Would love to try the PatPat too! The backpack looks super convenient for all of baby and mamma’s things!
    Much love! 💕💕

  157. We are flying with our 2&4 year old in December. We are terrified bc my 2yo is high needs. He’s a screamer! Aside from digital and iPad we are not 100% sure how to distract him.

  158. Love these tips! I was so nervous the first time traveling with my little, she was only 9 weeks old. I just didn’t know what to expect when traveling with a little and all the extra stuff that needs to come. But it was my husbands graduation and we didn’t want to miss it. She slept the whole time. She has since been on 2 more flight and has her first international flight here in less than a month. I will keep these tips in mind for our next trip 🙂

  159. I don’t have any new advice since im actually a new mom. But my concern are using pacifier. I have one and it looks like it cover baby girls nose. I already think her breathing is strange, so now I’m worried even more. Are there any pacifiers that aren’t so big? Is this one small for a 1 month old?


  160. I’m scared of being that person with the fussy baby – but those games are a great idea! He also never falls asleep out of the home so a carrier would be perfect. I love these suggestions! One thing I found which luckily works is singing to him !

  161. Thank you for all of your cute tips. I am approaching our first air trip in December. It’s so tough to find the right solutions for what might happen on the airplane. I’m worried that my little one will experience an earache from the altitude and I wouldn’t know what to do to fix it. Any suggestions?

  162. LOVE all of these items!! Especially that they’re black. I’ve been dressing our 4 month old girl in lots of black, white and grey and still get the occasional scoff from family that she’s not always in pink.

    My travel tip:
    Take a travel co-sleeper on flights! We have one that folds in half. It’s lays perfectly across 2 tray tables and gives your baby a wide space to sit, sleep, hold toys, etc. Worked great for us and our friend!

  163. I worry about nap time for my kiddos when traveling. Theres always so much I want them to see and experience. I try to plan naps in our busy schedules and hope for the best lol.

  164. Biggest fear: traveling in general?! LOL! Expecting twins and we LOVE to travel – so hoping we’ll get the hang of it sooner than later!

  165. We should know our baby first. As my baby can be comforted by food. I have filled my bag with plenty of baby snacks and brought his rice n soup in a thermos to keep it warm. When the time come/ he want a food, just give to him. He even love books so much,. So, I also kept one book in my bag . ☺️ Hope this tips also may help you! Especially when you travel long distance by car!

  166. Snacks are a lifesaver when traveling! I also pack coloring books and activities to keep the kids busy.

  167. I have 5 kids, and my best travel tip is BE PREPARED!!! Expect the unexpected! Take lots of changes of clothes, a few towels, and snacks and drinks!

  168. I love this post!
    When we are traveling with our 3 kids (6,4, 18 months), my biggest fears are meltdowns or losing a child. So, we always have at least one kid in a carrier, and an abundance of activities; books, art supplies, charged tablets (extra charging cables!), and as cheesy as it is, color matched shirts!

  169. My fear/ worry while traveling is what if my “buggaboo” cries the entire plane or train ride and I can’t calm him down? How will people react? I used to be one of those annoyed people.

  170. Awesome Travel Tips! As a mom of 3, with the littlest being 13 months, I can soooo agree with these tips! I always strap baby in the Tula so I can be hands free to help out my other two. Packing healthy snacks is a must. I love Melissa and Doug water wows for my 4 year old and have been know to score a few dollar items from the target bins to bust out as something new and exciting for when they get bored. 🙂

  171. When traveling, we go no where without at least 2 Tulas! You never know when LO is going to poop or puke on something 😬. We take everything but the kitchen sink when packing. I like to be prepared for every scenario.

  172. Thank you for the post! I’m hauling my 2 elementary aged kids and will be 5 month old to Florida next month and I’m so worried i won’t have enough hands or luggage space for everything! I’m packing a breast pump as well so I’ve been trying to calculate how to carry it all! I like the idea of renting a car seat that will help. For sure!

  173. My current favorite travel tip (we’ve done two international and a few domestic trips this year, with two under two!) is to buy a cheaper new backpack (Walmart has great ones for a few bucks!) and fill with little toys, crayons, coloring book, snacks from the dollar store or targets dollar spot. Each time we’ve fly, we fill the backpacks and then as we fly, the little ones get to unpack and play with their new toys! (And don’t forget to pack a few toys for the way home too!)

  174. My biggest worry is my baby catching the flu or a nasty bug. Everytime I flew with my older kids we always caught something. I try to disinfect as much as we can but you can’t avoid the coughing person sitting behind you in the plane.

  175. I get super anxious when flying with my now 15 month old daughter. I’ve flown alone with her cross country the first time when she was 6 months old and just recently at 14 months. What I’ve learned is to just try my best to keep her entertained but really…all that matters is we get there safe and that we won’t be traveling for forever…we will get there and be done. So i come prepared with new interesting toys and favorite snacks. Haha and lots of deep breathing. We got through it both times!

  176. When traveling internationally and just by myself with my 6 mos. old, a carrier was so useful. I felt that she was safer in it during takeoffs and landings. It also gave me some freedom, and I could move around fairly easily, carry my diaper backpack, as well as wheel my carry-on, which was full of diapers, and extra set of clothes. Rompers or footies are great, especially for international travel, as they’re easy to change to; mine wore mostly the footies during air travel and changed to a nice outfit when ready to land. Also, good to invest in those waterproof dirty cloth zippered bags (forgot what they’re called). Mine had diarrhea on our way back 🙁so had some accidents, so I just tossed the soiled clothes inside that bag. Having waterproof pockets in the diaper bags are also very useful. Can’t stress enough the importance of a pacifier, it really helps babies clear their ear during takeoff and landings, if you cannot get them to nurse or drink. I wish I knew about the paci clips back then. I just had a handful in ziplock bags and would have to constantly wipe them every time baby dropped them. Great to have some waterproof bibs, in case baby soils all of the ones you’ve carried, you can reuse the waterproof ones by wiping them. I also had to carry a small blanket so that I could have her get some tummy time during transits. And, finally another most important item, hand sanitizer (I also carried some sanitizing wipes). I didn’t want to use them on my baby though, so I had a big bag of babyganics wipes to wipe my baby and anything else the baby touched. Travelling alone with my baby for more than 24 hrs straight, definitely gave me some one on one time with my baby, but also taught me a lot. ☺

  177. A tip I have for traveling is to make sure you have enough entertainment!! Make sure you have different types because kids get tired with things fast!!

  178. I love Tula evetything!
    The quality and versatility of each product is superb!
    Here’s the kicker: My child just turned 27! Yeah, she’ll brake by back and tear the Tula carrier; if I tried to carry her, that’s for sure. 😂
    If y’all had grandma Tula I’d be sooo happy. I’d be grannie tuling EVERYWHERE! 😅
    However, my 2 year old grandson and my 1 1/2 month old granddaughter would benefit from any of these prizes. My grandson had his Tula. It was one of the gifts my son-in-law gave my daughter when they had my grandson. That was so nice! But with my son-in-law gone to the military, he hasn’t even met my granddaughter yet.
    Having a Tula gift like these would mean very much to her.
    Thank you much!
    God bless everyone!

  179. I will be travelling with a 10 week old on a 14 hour flight. Two of my biggest worries are the germs from the plane because my baby would not have had all their vaccinations. My second worry is not getting the seat with the bassinet because it’s first come first serve basis and you can’t register the baby until it’s born so I just cross my fingers and my toes that I can get the bassinet. Although having the babytula carrier from this prize would definitely ease my worry knowing that I don’t have to rely on the bassinet.

  180. I love all these tips. I’m such a germophobe that when I travel. With my little one I’m constantly Cleaning the plane, my fear is that he will get sick, another one is that he will cry for the entire trip and I will get those looks and sighs from other passengers.

  181. All of these are wonderful for travels! Being a mom of a girl Is double hard packing since us gals have to have the cute accessories bows.. jewelry..cute outfits.. shoes and it goes on and on! Bows to go with every outfit and a cute pacy and holder is a must have for us to have out of town!

  182. I always bring Young Living’s peace and calming airplanes. If a baby near me is crying, I’ll put some on me and stretch my arms up in the air. It has worked everytime with helping a baby to clam down.
    My husband and I are in the adoption process and I am anxious to try this on our children when we are parents.

  183. I had 3 toddlers on a flight…my kids are all grown now…i had gum for the older kids. And a bottle for my youngest…bag with crayons and pencils and coloring books…they loved it…my middle child my son. He just wanted to play with clothes. Where i. Was terrified it made the kids
    Stressed too

  184. Love these tips!! I’m most worried about dealing with car sickness. I was the worst as a kid and if I know my luck, my rainbow babe will follow suit! Traveling while preggers means my biggest worry right now is having food on hand that I’ll actually want to eat when I’m starving and picky. 😜

  185. My biggest worry when traveling is the kids getting sick. One of my tips is to have wet wipes wherever you go and specially in the airport and airplane. Literally wipe the entire airplane down lol! Also eat in clean/safe places and don’t let the children experiment too much with the food. Another travel tip is to have an amazing carrier and/or travel stroller. Lots of small favorite toys and snacks and if all else fails just pull out the iPad! It’s a trip and it should be as relaxing as possible for all of you.

  186. Great ideas!! We travel routinely as well and I agree going with the flow helps a lot! We originally tried to schedule flights around nap times but as he gets older he is more interested in what is happening versus sleeping. So now knowing that I try to travel earlier in the morning so we can get it over with 🙂 We always make sure to have books to read and will have a downloaded show if all else fails.

  187. My biggest worry right now with traveling is that we cloth diaper our littlest one and I’m never positive on how many to pack! I guess I could always go buy disposables as a back up but we try to avoid that as best we can!

  188. Hello Baby J… My little princess is now 17 months old and we often go alone together. Like you and your cool mama. Reading this article I nodded my head, how can I be the same. A mother traveling with a back pack behind her back and baby with carrier is held to the chest. My farthest journey might not be like you. The farthest journey is travel using public transport for + -8 hours. Oh it makes me tired for keeping her attention, but thank God … I will enter your weird games list for my next journey. And I have a mainstay game that is peekaboo, tok tok and plastic. Peekaboo is a very familiar and often done game for children. When I close my face then she will say “Ba” with her smile, oh my girl haha. Besides that, it is a tok tok, knocking on the car window while talking about anything. Oh yeah, being her mother seems to be demanded to be “fussy”, does this only happen to me? Hmm. And her most simple toy is plastic. I often bring plastic to wrap things up, if she gets bored I will take out plastic, blow it into a balloon and train her to hold it. The time is so fast, I hope I can complete my baby’s growth times always. Therefore not infrequently, she joined me to the campus to study, to the cafe for blog coverage or to other places. I hope we are always close, hugging the chest, hearing beats, gathering love, turning fear into faith.. Thank you for your article 🙂

  189. I’m constantly worrying about flying and germs! I feel like there are so many germs on an airplane with how many people are in and out of them! Love the juju be so big and so fashionable. Those Mocs are adorable and love how they can be for a boy or a girl! Black binky?! Of course paired with the paci clip and it will match anything! The bibs are a must (all we use are banana bibs) for our drooly five month old! The mommy and me sweatshirts are totally adorable, love matching my mini.

  190. Hello Baby J… My little princess is now 17 months old and we often go alone together. Like you and your cool mama. Reading this article I nodded my head, how can I be the same. A mother traveling with a back pack behind her back and baby with carrier is held to the chest. My farthest journey might not be like you. The farthest journey is travel using public transport for + -8 hours. Oh it makes me tired for keeping her attention, but thank God … I will enter your weird games list for my next journey. If I have a mainstay game that is peekaboo, tok tok and plastic. Peekaboo is a very familiar and often done game for children. When I close my face then she will say “Ba” with her smile oh my girl haha. Besides that, it is a tok tok, knocking on the car window while talking about anything. Oh yeah, being her mother seems to be demanded to be “fussy”, does this only happen to me? Hmm. And her most simple toy is plastic. I often bring plastic to wrap things up, if she gets bored I will take out plastic, blow it into a balloon and train her to hold it. The time is so fast, I hope I can complete my baby’s growth times always. Therefore not infrequently, she joined me to the campus to study, to the cafe for blog coverage or to other places. I hope we are always close, hugging the chest, hearing beats, gathering love, turning fear into faith.. Thank you for your article 🙂

  191. Loved all of the tips! 🖤

    My biggest worry is my anxiety getting the better of me and just worrying over the top about what other people will think of me if my baby girl starts crying. In addition, not having all of the proper gear is another component that would make me super nervous! Hopefully when the time comes, I’ll feel ready and prepared to brave the airplane and the judgy strangers 😂💛

  192. I used to be so nervous going out with my baby , especially by my self. But babywearing gave me the confidence to go out do my thang. She isn’t always content when worn but 90% of the time she is. It really baby carrier has been lifesaver.

    I’am so in with all of them these gift !!!

    But i really really hope to win baby tula carrier for my travelling with little abbiya❤

  193. With baby #4, my biggest worry is having a bag that is large enough to pack for him, our 2 year old daughter who is still in diapers, and our 4 year old who sometimes requires a change of clothes. I need space, but I also desire the convenience of being hands-free.

    But regardless of WHICH bag I carry, it ALWAYS has snacks. Nothing tames a child who is “over it” like snacks lol!

  194. My biggest travel worry is my kids getting motion sickness. It’s happened more times than I’d like to remember when they were younger. As they’ve gotten older, it’s improved. But there’s always the worry of the ticking time bomb, especially if I hear them coughing.

  195. Honestly my biggest travel save sanity tip it to pack a porta potty with you 🙌 seriously I gosh darn life saver on those long roads trips across the Canadian prairies! And my Tula baby carrier because I literally cannot leave the house without it 🧡

  196. My biggest worry about travelling is travelling with 3 children under the age of 4.5 years. Especially since mr 4.5 years and miss 3 years like to run off all the time. I barely even leave the house with these two unless I have someone else with me.

  197. It’s sooo hard to travel with little ones. But I’ve learned that by giving him a “helper” task, he feels both engaged and distracted. Whether it’s having him carry something super important,, or giving him a “count the red shoes you see” game cause you know how much mommy loves red shoes (lol!)., I found keeping him distracted with a task usually kept him an easy going toddler traveler.
    Also when he was smaller, carrying him in a carrier instead of worrying about checking a stroller was super helpful.

  198. Amazing blog post and such great tips! My biggest fear is sickness while traveling. There is nothing worse than a sick kiddo when you’re on the road.

  199. My biggest fear while traveling was meltdowns—-with 3 kids being prepared and predicting triggers helped.

  200. I love packing each of my boys incompletely separate bags. It makes it so much easier to stay organized!

  201. My biggest travel worry: Do buy a seat on the plane for my infant or not? That is the question. Oh my! Baby #3 and I still don’t know the answer. I wear my babies, so any chance I get to do so, I will. I have always forfeited the pricey seat I would buy on a plane and take advantage of having my baby close. IS it safe? I don’t know. Do I worry? Yes I do. What do most mom’s do? I wish I knew. But the reality is if the plane goes down it won’t matter if their in the car seat anyways. So I’d rather wear my baby. And that’s that!

  202. I’m flying solo with my son, who will be 4 months, and my dog next month 😬 I’m so worried that one or both of them will not travel well. They’re both really mellow normally but anything could happen. Any advice for how to make sure we all keep our cool?

  203. My favorite travel game for my daughter a old tissue boxed filled with string and small little beads and bells. She would pull all the string out and get so excited with each little thing attached like she never saw it before!

  204. My sister just recently had a baby girl and I know from experience of traveling with her is that she has enough outfits and blankets packed! B loves her blankeys!

  205. Travelling with our babe for the first time when she is 5 months old. My biggest worry is how she will handle the flight. She is not a big snuggler and can get quite upset when she’s forced to sit in someone’s arms for an extended period. I really hope she will be relaxed enough so we all enjoy the flight and so we don’t ruin the flight for everyone else!

  206. Thank you so much for this helpful post! What I fear most about traveling with my mini me is if I packed enough and for everything. I hate being unprepared! Ig handle:@nola_ames

  207. What a great read! Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion on all these amazing products. My biggest fear is the same as any other parents; melt downs and staying entertained. I haven’t had to deal with traveling my little one yet but I hope to handle it as well as I’ve seen other parents and I hope my little guy just sleeps😂 (mostly cause that’s what I do). @rorysmama1219

  208. My traveling tip is to keep it simple! Don’t pack a butt load of stuff you probably won’t use. I traveled a lot with my 1st and packed minimal but also very useful things. Carriers were my best friend, favorite snacks, a tablet with a few movies downloaded and something that’s comforting for them (favorite stuffy or blanket etc.) all in a backpack.

  209. We are planning a trip to Ohio from Cali and my biggest fear is my son (he will be a little over a year at the time) crying on the plane and me not being able to help him.

  210. My biggest fears is flying and heights well that been said I haven’t traveled ever since I was small but we had trips on car now we have 3 babies and my 2 year old sometimes have meltdowns and once she starts crying my 3 month old follows 😩

  211. My children are 4years old and 1year old. Whenever we travel, I make sure I pack all their stuff; clothes, food&drinks, toys, carrier, eating utensils etc. I would say Im an over packer😊 but eventhough for most times we’re not able to use what I packed, I still can’t be at ease to leave something. Because my biggest travel worry is if ever something happened, I do not want to be unprepared.

  212. Once I learned the ins and outs of travel with baby I know my goto is my Tula Forest House Carrier! My daughter loves it, I am comfortable, and we get tons of compliments. We would love to try some of these other goodies! My next task is to tackle the airport with my two littles. Eeekkkk!

  213. I always go to the dollar store or section at target and grab a few things for a “goodie” bag. With 3 kids and another on the way, this has always been an easy way to distract them during flights or long car rides. We will also give them a chance to earn reward points for good behavior like listening and not fighting with each other. That allows them to get the prizes based on how they act, which most of the time helps!!

  214. The best thing I’ve learned since having my 6 month old and taking MANY plane rides with her is using a travel backpack to pack lots of snack, toys and most importantly a backup outfit! Why do the worst poopsplosions always happen on planes??

  215. We love traveling and after having our first, we made it a point to keep traveling! She’s been to over 10 states and Canada twice! With her sister now in the world, she’s already traveled at 6 weeks old across country! Biggest tip: don’t over pack and just relax. It’s hard to do but something will not go as planned and just try to smile and keep on moving forward! …. Also. Snacks.

  216. I like to pack games for my little to play and things to color/draw on! I am always concerned about germs and make sure to pack lots of hand sanitizer and baby wipes for quick clean ups! I love to also have a carrier with us!

  217. My biggest worries to travel with baby is when she is having meltdown during the night when passengers want to rest. Experienced that once, she was totally inconsolable. 🙁

  218. My favorite travel tip is getting the travelwise packing cubes off of Amazon! They’re only $15 for 3 and they help minimize space used in suitcases and keep things organized. Game changer 🙌🏻

  219. My biggest tip after several LONG road trips with an infant is to plan the driving around baby’s schedule. This Wednesday we will be driving 9 hours straight with our 11 month old. We plan to leave in the late afternoon so that there will only be 2-3 hours that baby will need to be entertained before bedtime. Here’s to hoping she will “sleep like a baby” for the other 6 hours!!

  220. Oh my gosh! I found this BLOG at such a fantiastic time! We (and I mean me) are planning a our first Disney trip! Three kids in Haul ages 13, 5, & 10 months in January. Traveling for the first time also with the baby and I’m TERRIFIED! I’ve heard that Disney is so easy with babies but all the walking and the rides and The fussiness. I’m scared! I know I’ll need the stroller, snacks, a carrier, lots of changes of clothes, water.. and I don’t even know what else. I’m afraid to fly with him for sure! I’m a nervous wreck! Disappointing everyone with planning is what’s really bothering me as well. 😬♥️

    Glad I found this blog!

  221. Traveling with my will be 1 month old, Vivian, on Nov 3rd! Going to see my sister cheer at Mercer 🙂 I’m so nervous as to how I’m going to manage her in the car with my parents / I’m the hotel! Been praying for guidance then I came across this post! So thankful for all of your tips and tricks 🙂

  222. I love this! My little is only 4 months but we went on our first plane a month ago! We travel often (usually road trips) for long long stretches! All these things would be perfect to make traveling a little easier! Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks I can’t wait to try them out someday!

  223. I love this! My little is only 4 months but we went on our first plane a month ago! We travel often (usually road trips) for long long stretches! All these things would be perfect to make traveling a little easier! Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks I can’t wait to try them out someday! Hopefully my little will enjoy them as much as yours!

  224. I am terrified that I will forget something and so I overpack, which just makes travel all that much more difficult.

  225. I will be traveling with a baby and four year old this fall and winter so I’m loving these tips!! I’m glad all these products worked great for you, I will definitely look into them for our upcoming trips! I always love being comfortable on trips and overpacking is a nono with little ones. Having a baby carrier is a must for me 🙂

  226. I always recommend asking friends and family about the best places to eat when you are traveling. My biggest worry is that I will be anxious when flying because that is a fear of mine and I wont be able to stay calm for my child. I am due in June! This would be an amazing gift.

  227. I’ve traveled quite a bit but never with a baby! I’ve been taking lots of notes from all you pro moms! A tip I do have though is to not procrastinate packing because that was always me. I used to pack the day my flight was and it just made for a terrible start to my trip from all my stress and rushing.

  228. Love your traveling tips!
    My biggest fear is I will be away from my home and my baby girl will get sick… like the respiratory type of sick and she will have to go to a a different doctor or hospital than we normally go to. Literally before I leave for anywhere I always think of that. Probably the nurse in me! 😬

  229. My biggest worry would have to be if my son went poo. Not a little poo,but like a BOMB poo😧 and i had to change his clothes and everything. 😷I like to use cloth diapers, but i guess if i ever went on a plane w him…disposable would be easier. He is 9mos so hopefully we can travel soon…i want to take him somewhere with warm sand and sea ❤💛💚

  230. Had six flights (3 each way) last week with my youngest 14 months old baby girl. My best travel tip: enough snack,berries and a baby carrier. Ask for a free seat for the baby to play in up in the air:)

  231. Carrying our son in a wrap/sling in the airport made life so easy! Also I suggest flying at nap/sleep times and don’t forget their birth certificate if they don’t have a form of ID!

  232. My travel tip is lists, lists, lists! It makes me feel prepared and then I just go with the flow! But of course the right essentials always make things easier as well!

  233. First time mom here! We are taking our first international trip at 6 months and I am nervous and worried about the plane rides and her becoming adjusted to everything. I hope she sleeps a lot on the plane and doesnt bother the other passengers. I also am worried about over packing and not be prepared when I need something. All these travel tips are things I will incorporate. Thanks for sharing !

  234. Love everything itemized here!
    We are preparing for a 9 hour car trip soon! Pray for me LOL… We could not travel with out my battery adapter for breast pump, organic food pouches, and comfortable clothes like these, next on my list is a light stroller!

  235. Best tip I have for first time travelers is to bring tons of snacks and Water Wow paint books are an activity lifesaver! No mess and keeps them occupied for a good while. I’m loving all of these comments too! Such a great idea 🙂

  236. I’m a first time mom, & I have so many worries! I always feel like I don’t bring enough or I bring too much. And worried about my baby freaking out, & keeping her occupied. Love this bundle though!! The black is my favorite part 🖤🖤

  237. My biggest travel concern is being able to pack everything I need for 4 kids in snowy weather! Coats and hats and snow pants take up so much room! And also the baby crying the whole 12 hour drive worries me…

  238. My biggest travel worry would be losing my luggage! Having no clothes along with no baby clothes, definite nightmare! Or something like forgetting my breast pump too. I make checklists for a reason haha, and they definitely help!!

  239. For traveling with baby the Baby carrier is essential to keeping munchkins close by especially in busy airports. I have found snacks for the toddler and copies of the birth certificates are a must to make things go smoothly. I love these baby items for traveling they are so cute and practical. Plus who doesn’t love a matching mommy and mini?

  240. My baby boy is 11 weeks and traveling sounds terrifying!😂 my worst fear of traveling would be him screaming non stop on the plane and not being able to calm him!

  241. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog post about this! My biggest fear about traveling with my new little one, is that I won’t pack enough, or I won’t pack the right things. We are hoping to go on a Holiday in the next couple of months! These goodies would be such a wonderful asset and would help us out SO MUCH!!!

  242. My biggest travel tip to be organized before you leave. And then relax and go with the flow the best you can. It makes you’re trip so much easier and I find my kids are better behaved when they don’t feel the pressure and stress from me.

  243. My biggest worry is definitely kids getting sick when travelling and the medication is different when I go overseas! So my mummy friends have told me to bring a bagful of their usual medications that works for them so that I don’t have to worry too much when I’m overseas! 🙂

  244. I am literally keeping all of this in mind next trip!! Around Christmas we want to road trip down south so I will be using a lot of this for reference! I love those bibs for everyday anyway! Also that jujube bag is drool worthy 🤤 (any other bag lady’s start getting overly excited when they had a baby and now have way to many diaper bags? No just me? Lol) I am also interested in those cozy outfits 💕 can’t wait to go shopping! Haha

  245. My biggest worry is forgetting to pack that one specific toy that my child is attached to and then having to hear him cry for the rest of the trip 😓

  246. My favorite travel tip is don’t underestimate the power of your boobs! Keep them handy and easily accessible to baby at all times (especially take off and landing)!

  247. Awesome tips! I love the cups game idea!! My biggest worry about traveling with the babes is her sleeping schedule getting so thrown off and being extra cranky on our trip. I know it’s inevitable, but it still adds some extra unwanted stress!

  248. Love these products.
    Worry that I have with my rainbow 🌈 👶 baby is that anxiety is 100x worse and you think everything at once. I am blessed to have my miracle baby and love every minute, but the anxiety does take over at times. Being a mom is hard but being a rainbow mom is even harder. You double think everything over and over.

  249. A baby carrier is essentially great to have when your baby is crying at the airport. Which ie fear when traveling with a 3 month old- rainbow baby 🌈👶
    Love these products.

  250. I think my biggest and most helpful travel companion was using our carrier. Especially for a young toddler it was easy to use at the airport, on the plane, and even during our trip!

  251. My favorite travel advice is to plan for breaks (if you are driving) Nothing is more aggravating than if you set unrealistic goals like driving 16 hours straight. Stop when you need to and don’t rush the stop. Take time to feed your baby, let them stretch and be awake before putting them in a car seat to fall back asleep. Also, puppets are an easy toy to bring along that can bring a lot of entertainment!

  252. Since I have two kiddos now, my biggest worry is having to travel on the plane by myself with them. It is probably doable, but it sounds very hard! I’d be worried my toddler will run away while I’m attending to my baby or that they will both need me at the same time! So far I’ve been lucky to always have a travel companion.


  253. Best best travel tip for traveling with my little one is to bring stickers, specifically a sticker book with stickers that can be peeled off and put back on again and again. This kept her busy for so long on an airplane compared to a lot of other toys and books we brought. She even decorated other things we brought with the stickers.

  254. I always bring an iPad downloaded with my kids favourite shows, games and interactive books. We make sure to bring a car charger to charge the battery and for a flight we always bring kids headphones. These special headphone won’t let the sound get too loud, fit his/her head better and plug into the inflight entertainment screens too. A kid proof case & screen protector are a must. I don’t usually allow much screen time at home so and try to wait as long as possible to bring it out. But it is great to have when travelling is long and the kids are board.

  255. I’ve recently been looking for a good travel potty now that my son is potty training. I think I found one, but am still contemplating getting it.
    Also, good activities/comfort items for the kiddos are definitely on my travel list!!

  256. My biggest worry is my upcoming travel trip flying as it will be the first trip with baby.
    Travelling with baby has always been a thought deep inside my head and have never came true yet, and I’ve set this as my to do list… It seems scary and challenging as a first time mom. Reading this travelling with baby tips really helped, and I found out that I’ve missed out the shoes part. Imagine how baby’s feet will be without shoes… (oops sorry baby).

    With all the tips listed, I’ll make sure I don’t missed out any bay essentials during my packing.
    Wish me luck and let’s cheers to all mamas and papas out there. 🙂

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