My three-year-old, Ari, loves balloons. We play catch with them (really good practice for spazzy toddler coordination), we draw funny faces on them, whenever there’s a holiday we have tons and tons of balloons, so I thought it would be fun for him to hand them out to his little friends at preschool this year. After I designed this I thought… does this make sense? You make my heart pop? Whatever, the kids will just be excited about the balloon, right? I printed my cards on kraft paper, but you could certainly print it on white or red paper.
1. Download free printable HERE
2. Cut using our fav cutting board HERE
3. Attach balloon with washi tape HERE
Do you know how hard it is to photograph a toddler and a balloon? Exercise for the week day- check.


  1. Such a cute valentine idea, thank you ladies! I printed it up on neon card stock and let my 5-year old cut them out, tape on a neon balloon with washi tape, write her name on the inside, fold it in half and write her classmates' name on the outside! Such a great little project and I think the little ones will love getting a balloon 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve used the balloon “you make my heart pop” printable for 3 years in a row for my kid’s Valentines. First, because it’s not candy. And second, ALL the kids love the balloon! I have been buying heart-shaped balloons from the internet to tape on there. Very cute and ORIGINAL! Thank you, again!

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