COZY: beanie/swaddle set | dockatot | ugg booties | Llama security blanket | baby bath goods | star sleeper | grey sleeper

CUTE: milestone cards | teethers | hairbows | pacifier clip | pacifiers

MAMA: diaper bag | new mama spray | nipple balm | dry shampoo | leggings | nursing bra | comfy tee | lip balm

HOME: rockaroo | mini crib | storage bin | rug | play gym

GEAR: breastfeeding system | feeding cover | cart hammock | wrap

It has only taken me 3 months to gather a list of my favorites for baby #3. It truly has taken me all of that time to get my bearings and feel like walking out of my house. Being home and staying in our jammies most days has become all too normal. I am certain that the people that work at our local Target are like, “does that woman EVER shower?” Yes!… I do… once a week. 😉

New baby products are constantly flooding the mama market, and even as close as my second and third children are, there were STILL new things that either I was wanting to try or things that were recommended by other moms. Enough new things for me to go on an spending spree! You should really consider creating a registry on there (even if you don’t have a shower), because you get 15% off of eligible products for a one time purchase towards the end of your pregnancy. It saves a lot if you have a cart full, ya know?

Okay! So most of these things are self explanatory, but I do want to touch on a couple of products that I feel like are worth the extra shout-out.

We love everything about these Wash With Water bath products! They smell great, and are super safe for baby skin….even if they have super sensitive skin conditions. A+

We are kind of in love with everything in the “cute” column. I can’t get over the bright colors and designs of the Little Standout teethers! The original milestone cards make it super easy for us mamas to keep track of our baby’s growth and milestones. Does anybody else forget? I always miss their monthly photos!!! These glow in the dark pacifiers are a LIFE SAVER!!!! If your baby takes a paci, then these are a must. You will no longer be digging around in the middle of the night for the pacifier that fell on the floor or got lost in the bed sheets. Hallelujah! Although, we did not have a girl, I still took these little bows to the hospital with me (we were being surprised with the gender) just incase everyone was wrong and we were having a girl! 😉 They are so beautiful you guys!! Little Poppy Co offers a monthly subscription for their bows, and that would make such an amazing little baby shower gift!

Mama needs some stuff too, right? Diaper bag – obsessed!! Best one I have owned… hands down. I tried the New Mama bottom spray for the first time because what the hospital send you home with seems a bit harsh and I wanted something natural. I loved it, and highly recommend. I have tried several different nipple creams also, and this one is by far my favorite! It just does the job right! I apply religiously and it makes all the difference when you are trying to adjust to breastfeeding in the beginning. These maternity leggings were worn every day for the first couple of weeks haha. So comfortable! They hold their shape, don’t fade, and are totally worth the splurge.

We have loved our washable rug! It makes it great to just lay baby down and let the other kids lay down and smother him with kisses and baby talk. Where have washable rugs been all of my life? The little play gym is the sweeeeetest!! So pretty, organic, and well constructed.

Okay, this breastfeeding system changed my life!! I use it with my Medela pump, but it allows our dishwasher to be bottle FREE!!! That cuts down so much time and work for me. I saw a friend using it, and decided to give it a try, and I will sing its praises until something better comes along. I love the idea of a shopping cart hammock (especially if you have other kids). It always makes me so nervous to see moms put car seats in the front of a cart. So unsafe!! This hammock allows for maximum shopping space and allows another kid to be in the cart if needed. Lastly, I am a pretty big lover of the Solly Baby Wrap, however, I feel like it takes a long time for me to get it all wrapped and ready for baby. Maybe it is just me. The sakura is the wrap I choose if I need to be in and out pretty quickly, and baby boy is not having the car seat. It is just easy to get on and get the baby settled in.

Sorry for the lengthy post friends, but I wanted to share my every thought about the things that are helping me get back on track and adjust to being a mommy of 3. I hope this helps you if you are still staying up late reading 1k+ reviews of baby products on amazon like I know I did and Leah is doing right now.