My three-year-old, Ari, is FINALLY potty trained. This may be TMI but he’s been going #2 on the potty since he was two-years-old but refused to tell me when he needed to go #1. Stickers didn’t work, M&M’s didn’t work, jelly beans sort of worked, but it was moving at a slow pace. He needed major motivation. For Ari, it was the idea of having a Potty Party. I promised him cupcakes, decorations, and music. It worked! Only took a week. Guess I should have thought of this idea a year ago! 
I designed some free printables for your own Potty Party should you have the need (scroll down to the end of the post). Just add cupcakes and you’re all set. Oh and string up their brand new undies- Ari thought that was awesome! I even made printables for the little ladies in your life.
 Happy Potty Party day to youuuu…
TP roll sign HERE
Undies cupcake toppers HERE
Panties cupcake toppers HERE
Undies coloring pages HERE
Panties coloring page HERE
Good luck mamas! Let us know how it goes…


  1. THANK YOU for having these printables!! My son has potty trained and he didn't want any stickers, candies or any other type of positive reinforcing gift-he ONLY wanted a party!!! I was going to hand draw toilets to make a garland-but the undies are WAY better!! This is great. Thanks so much!

    • Oh my goodness!!!! This totally made my day! SO GLAD these worked for you and congrats on the big boy news!! If you instagram it, please tag us (@loveandlion) if you're public so we can see the party! 🙂 xoxoxo!

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