homemade popsicles


I picked up these clearanced popsicle molds from Target about a month ago. I had just been waiting for a day that I felt motivated the right recipe to come along to try these out! Aren’t they adorable???
I came across this recipe HERE. Strawberries? Greek Yogurt? Cream cheese? And they are healthy?? WHAAAA?
Definitely worth a try! My only recommendation is that I would personally buy skinnier/ taller pop molds. Although, the kids (and moms) ate these up just fine! My friend Rachel came over after a park date and we devoured this yumminess. The recipe calls for a graham cracker crust at the bottom of the mold as well. My graham stash was low, so I only did it for two. We also skipped the chocolate dipping. I know…. Leah will de-friend me now. I can’t wait to try more recipes!! It was so fun for Amara to help me in the kitchen, watch them freeze and see what we had created the next morning. They are a sure way to give your kids something nutritious without them even knowing! The best part is that there is no added sugar. These were sweetened with honey. 

Any great frozen treat recipes you would like to share?? I am all ears!