IT’S A……

We went to our 5th month check-up today, which is when we also find out the gender. We asked for the Ultrasound tech to put it in an envelope because we wanted to go get a balloon filled with confetti for us to pop and find out as a family. We thought it would be fun for Amara, and wanted to make it extra special.  Leah was sweet enough to let us pop by her entirely gorgeous and so spacious I am jealous new home. The plan was to video and take photos while we popped the balloon and watched the confetti fall and tell us what our sweet new addition would be. As we were setting up and getting ready to start snapping and filming…….
this happened…..
The balloon literally just popped on its own while my husband was walking around with it. The confetti was made of stars ( with really pointy edges), and we think it miraculously poked a hole in the bottom and BOOM! Just like that ( when we weren’t even “ready”) there was confetti all over the floor.  We all just stopped and stared in silence and in shock!! Number one, we couldn’t believe that the balloon popped. I am a little bit of a control freak, so the fact that it didn’t go as planned really caught me off guard. Ha! Secondly, wait….. is the BLUE????
 We really thought pink confetti was going to fall out of that balloon, even though we were totally open ( and maybe kind of hoping) for a boy. I felt immediate happiness for my husband who said he was so okay with either and just figured it was going to be a girl. I can’t wait to watch him be a dad to a boy!!
We are ready for this new adventure, and are so excited!! After Amara ONLY speaking of a baby sister, and shutting people DOWN if they mentioned a baby brother, we thought it would be hard for her to accept. Honestly, there was an immediate smile on her face and she celebrated with us on our ride home better than I could have hoped for! After her nap today, she woke up and told me ” baby brothers can be fun too!” My mama heart melted. We feel grateful for a healthy check up, and for God offering up the perfect addition to our little family of 3. 
Thanks for sharing in our joy!!