Are your kids OBSESSED with Squishies? Each of our oldest kids, Ari (8) and Amara (7) both collect them, so we thought it would be fun to give them out as Valentine’s this year. You can buy a grab bag of them super cheap on Amazon (linked below) and keep the rest for your kiddo. We like to save them for “happies” and rewards!

We’ve given you two different wordings… because at some point it’s “EMBARRASSING, MOM” to tell your friends they’re cute! LOL!


1. Purchase:



*NOTE: if you purchase a pack with the tiny jelly-like Mochi squishies, those will leave a residue on the paper like they’ve sweat lol. We recommend only the regular squishies pictured and linked above.


and recommended but not necessary…





2. Download your cards:




3. Print on white card stock. THIS is our favorite ever!! Super bright white and prints vibrant colors. It really makes a difference, especially with this printable since there’s so much color.

* When printing, make sure to set the scale to 100%! That will make it so the size of the card is exactly 5.5″ and you can just make one simple cut down the middle of the paper. It also fits inside the bag much better at this scale.


4. Cut right on the lines using a paper cutter. THIS one is the only kind we’ve found for seeing right where you’re cutting.


5. Pop the card and Squishie in the bag, seal with cute washi tape, and you’re done!


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Leah & Jenni

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