It’s Monday…. let’s do this! I am trying to find the motivation to step out of my house this morning. That would require a shower and getting dressed, and I am just not sure if I am up for all of that craziness, ya know?
You guys…. I have accumulated a few things over the last couple of weeks that I am so in love with. Anytime I find a good product or something that just makes me feel good, I always want to share. Some of these are pregnancy related, but not all of them!!
Speaking of motivation to get ready…..
I was playing in Anthropologie this weekend and took one sniff of this stuff and HAD to have it. It appeals to all of my pregnancy senses. It is sweet, but still musky ( which I love in the winter months). I can’t say enough about this scent. I have been the weirdo walking around “smelling myself” for the last couple of days. It is definitely my favorite part of my morning routine.

Leah gave me a stick of this L’OREAL lip balm. She didn’t like the color she chose on her so she passed it along, and I am sooooo glad she did. I absolutely love the creamy texture and gorgeous color!! I went to purchase the Innocent Coral to add to my collection. No liner needed, and it is so hydrating that it really can act as a lip moisturizer. IN. LOVE!
I purchased a couple pairs of maternity jeans ( why fight it, right?) at Motherhood Maternity. I am super picky about jeans, but I actually LOOOOVE these. They feel like leggings, but really do look like actual jeans. You can purchase these here. This particular pair ran large, so I ended up going with an XS instead of S. I also purchased another pair that I couldn’t find online! They are black Indigo Blue skinnies. Maybe they are just in-store only??
Not sure why, but I have been filling my vases with greens in my house. It just feels simple and “fallsish”, and I love the way they smell. Weird, I know.

Fresh mani! Ok, ladies…. I love nail polish. I am a sucker for a beautiful nail color. I took a break from my gels to wear this gorgeous color by OPI. It is called Keeping Suzi at Bay. It was night time when I took this photo, but the color is a little more royal blue looking during the day. Soooo pretty!
I am not a foundation wearer. It is just too much make-up for everyday wear. However, when I am pregnant, my skin freaks out on me even more than usual. I need something that wears light, but offers great coverage! My hubby is not a fan of the overly done makeup face.  I tried this Laura Mercier flawless fluid per the recommendation of the ladies over at Somewhere, Lately. I don’t wear it everyday, but have worn it out for date nights and events. It is amazing!!

I always struggle with baking cups not fully wrapping around my cupcakes/muffins, so I picked these up on my Target run the other day. They are amazing and sturdy. It is the little things, haha!
Enjoy your day everybody!! Thanks for checking in with us. It means so much!!


I wanted to share my favorite (MUST HAVE) beauty products right now! My budget is limited…. I don’t wear makeup everyday, so I find it hard to splurge on a ton of beauty products just to try! I am the girl that will return the $8 mascara to Target if I didn’t like it. To be honest, I scour beauty aisles whenever I am out shopping, and there are just too many new and fun products to try and not return the things that don’t work for you. 
My actual claim to fame just normal, average, everyday life is that I am a licensed esthetician. I love talking about skincare and I would never tell anyone to try something that I personally didn’t try or like for myself. So, with that being said, here are my top beauty obsessions now. ALL of these products make me feel beautiful and feminine. They feel luxurious, but don’t have a hefty price tag. I can certainly get with that!
gel nail kit – Leah and I have both tried this, and we love it. I hate the price of a gel mani and the use of the harmful rays used to dry your nails. This kit totally gives you a gorgeous shine and makes your nail bed look thicker and healthier. It lasts an easy 5-7 days (depending on how much time you spend doing dishes) 🙂
simple wipes – I have really fallen in love with the Simple line. I also use the face wash for quick makeup removal. It is all so gentle on my skin, and its a plus that there are less harsh chemicals than in other products. I prefer these wipes over their exfoliating wipes! I use them every night before bed.
 fructis oil – I LOVE the smell of this stuff……oh so much! I apply is before drying my hair, and I get a sleeker softer look.
loreal blush – so pretty, so soft, reminiscent of a facial primer.
eyelid primer – I will try anything for a buck! e.l.f. actually will surprise you! I grabbed this primer in a pinch, and haven’t felt the need to spend the money to replenish my Urban Decay primer that I usually use.
toothpaste – I have actually noticed a solid difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I have only been using this for about two weeks, and it has not bothered my sensitive teeth one bit. Loving it!You can actually go to their site HERE and get a coupon for your purchase!
 lip balm – Ok, this is the ONLY item not found at a drugstore. oops! I purchased mine at Anthropolgie. Who doesn’t want to pull this beautiful container out of their handbag? So smooth and gives my lips a perfect summer dewy look.
suave hair care – Just try it! Love love love it! If you are a salon shampoo buyer, I challenge you to try this. Also, it smells amaaaaazing!
I would LOVE to know what some of your favorites are right now!! Got any you would like to share? pretty please?


Hey friends!! I am sharing my morning beauty routine and favorite products over at Made By Girl today! If you haven’t visited Jen’s blog, you are missing out! Be sure to head on over and see what all the fuss is about. Thanks for having me, Jen. You are a gem! 
Have a super weekend!! Happy Easter!!


Today, I got out and had lunch with a dear friend and did a little prep shopping before we leave this week to fly out to see my husbaaaaaaaand!!!! I am a little excited as it has been two weeks! Miss that guy.

jeans / t-shirt / jacket (sold out, but similar here ) / necklace (sold out, but loving this and this) / booties
Spring seems to be nudging its way in around here, which I gladly welcome. However, I am going to miss wearing my (faux) leather jacket a little bit. It is just a winter piece for me (mind games), but I may need to find a pretty tan or pale pink one to sport in the springtime. I paired it with a simple T and my new Joe’s jeans that I am absolutely in. love. with. They feel like leggings….truly. I haven’t splurged on a pair of jeans since being preggers with Amara. I guess I just kept waiting for my body to get “back to normal”…HA! It is as back to normal as its going to get, so my hubby let me indulge a little. I needed a pair that give this flat butt a little oomph (Lord help it), stay up when I am on the go, and don’t cut into my gut hips. 
This is a great day OR night look. I threw on one of my favorite tassel necklaces for a little sparkle along with my absolute favorite pair of ankle boots ( from Target ya’ll!!!). I feel like I could walk all day in them. Super comfy look, but still put together. 

lip color: I am wearing Flower Beauty’s coral floret
Photo cred: Mardi Wallace 
Hope you all are enjoying your Tuesday!