Pregnancy Update

Hey everyone! Sorry that you are not getting a blog post from us until Wednesday. Things are a little crazy busy ( in a good way) for L&L. Be sure and follow us on IG for quicker updates!! I have been wanting to share a pregnancy update with you for a couple of weeks now. We just had our monthly check up on Monday, and I am happy to say that everything is looking good! My doctor mentioned that she will be watching as she noticed I have a low lying placenta. She said I have no reason to be concerned about Placenta Previa ( which is truly my biggest fear in pregnancy), but it hasn’t stopped me from googling and reading every good (and bad) story that each person has posted online. Ugh!! Whyyyyyy do I even do that? 
I guess most of all it just makes me even MORE aware of how much of a miracle it truly is to get healthy babies into this world. I don’t take for granted one second of what God is doing to grow this baby boy of ours and bring him into the world safely. He has been moving non-stop…. mostly at night just as I settle into bed :). I am grateful for those kicks. Anyway, I am choosing to not worry or be anxious. I am choosing God’s peace, and will continue to pray to Him for my health and for a good report at our next ultrasound. 
Weeks: 23 (almost to the 6 month mark. Whaaa?)
Gender: boy!!! Our reveal here incase you missed it.
Sleep: Very restless at night, but day naps are my jam right now. Invested in this pillow, and I couldn’t be more pleased! I highly recommend it!
Cravings: French fries, lots of fruit (oranges in particular…. like alll day), salads and lots of water. Much better cravings than I had during my first trimester (junk).
Big sister thoughts: Amara is asking almost daily when we will meet her little brother. It is the sweetest thing, and he is starting to move where you can see the kicks outside of my belly. We try everyday to feel kicks or “see him”. We have officially moved the crib and glider out of Amara’s room and made it into an official “big girl room”. She has adjusted so incredibly well. 
Maternity wear: I have been rocking my normal clothes, with the exception of some borrowed maternity jeans from Leah, but planning on investing in maternity tops and some more denim this week. It is time!! Pea in the Pod is having a great sale, and these items are in my shopping bag: jeans , button up , sweater , nursing bras.
Things that bring me comfort and make me feel pretty
Insoles – I bought these to put in my booties for a Justin Timberlake concert we went to a few weeks ago. We stood danced the entire time, so I had to be prepared. They have been in every pair of shoes I have worn since. They help soooooo much with my tired legs.
I have also been using these serums the last few weeks. They feel SO amazing, and have really helped hydrate my dry pregnancy skin. I also invested in this Personal Microdermabrasion wand during the Black Friday sale I saw on Mintarrow.com. Totally noticed a difference in just two uses! I am in love!
This shampoo/conditioner is one that I keep going back to. This line is fairly new, and definitely competes with salon products. There is nothing that smells better to me or hydrates my hair more than good ole Suave, ya’ll. It makes me feel like I just left the salon. 
Stretch marks: none yet. Using this belly butter, which worked wonders during my first pregnancy. Plus, the smell is not harsh at all in my opinion. Planning on adding this and this to my regime as well.
Indulgences: I have been getting pedicures and gel manicures, and will continue to do so until this baby arrives. It just makes me feel good and put together… even on my worst days.
Nursery: ummm, what? This baby needs a nursery? 
Thanks for reading! Hope this helps any of you other soon-to-be mamas. I would love to know what some of your must haves are right now!!