When I truly love a product, I feel the need to tell everyone, like rando moms in the grocery store or people passing by on the street or strangers reading this blog post! Bumbo just came out with a new seat and it is AWESOME. 
 We had the original Bumbo when 4 years ago when Ari was a baby but now it is new and improved and all tricked out! It transitions from a baby seat all the way up to a toddler booster seat. Seriously cool. Remy is too little yet for the seat (he needs to be able to hold his head up) so Jenni let me borrow the seat for Max who’s 1 1/2. The inside rubber part for babies pops out easily and turns into a booster seat. The best part? My little maniac easily straps in and the booster easily straps to our chair. No escape!
Max pretending to sleep here… weirdo! See how easily it straps to the chair? The straps tuck inside the seat itself so there are no messy straps hanging around!
The Bumbo multi seat also comes with a play tray that suction cups to any surface. Such good distraction when this mama needs to drink her coffee in peace.
Max loves it! I love it! And when Remy is big enough I’ll begrudgingly give it back to Jenni whooomp whooooomp. Seriously guys, we highly recommend! Get it HERE! Thanks, Bumbo


Hey friends! How was your weekend? My daughter and I hit the road this weekend with my husband, and although we traveled to an extremely ( miserably) hot place, I was just happy to not have to have our little family separated for those two days. I don’t get to travel with him often…. well, like ever actually. So, I usually jump at the chance when there is room on the bus for me and the little.
It has been a pretty quiet Monday for us. We are tying up ALL loose ends on this kitchen this week, and we truly are almost done. I know I have been claiming that for a while now. When you are doing all of the work yourself while juggling a toddler and life in general, it all goes sooooo much slower than you could have ever planned. I am not complaining though! 
I took some time today (nap time) to finally style the open shelving in my kitchen. Up til now, I have just been accumulating dishes and throwing things up there without actually arranging and putting the final touches on everything. I knew I wanted lots of neutrals, with maybe a touch or two of color. 
I moved my rubber spatulas to a vase near my mixer for easy access while prepping baked goods. I am just faking it really, but I love the way it looks to have a little “baking station”

Most of my big plates were in the dishwasher when I shot these photos… oops! I found these recycled water glasses from a local general store here in Nashville called Whites Mercantile. It is a must visit if you are ever in town!

 I finally framed a water color print that I made LAST Thanksgiving…..oh, for our VERY FIRST post. Crazy!!

 Unfortunately, the colors and designs of some of my cookbooks that I love did not go with my kitchen color palette. I took off the cover to my Joy of Cooking book, which had bright red and navy on it, and it revealed this beautiful white and gold perfection! Then, I wrapped another cookbook of mine (which was bright yellow) in a charcoal floral wrapping paper. The three books look a little more cohesive sitting up there now.