You guys! Its summer, and all I can do is think about outdoor dining. Well…. not literally, but it is kind of my fave! Even when my husband and I are scouting out a place to eat lunch or dinner, my first comment is usually “who has great patio seating?” It truly is one of my most adored thing in life…. dining al fresca.
We have been hard at work on our kitchen (I can’t wait to share), however, that has left us with not much time or dolla bills to whip our tiny little backyard and slab of a patio into shape. I am patiently waiting and dreaming in the meantime. Here are some inspirational pics that I can’t stop staring at. I love that outdoor dining (decor) doesn’t have to be “expensive” or even look a certain way. Globe lights are a must though! I just adore the family feel that comes with dining outside. Don’t you ?
^^ Dying dying dying over this gorgeous pergola with the baby swing attached! ^^
Enjoy your weekend loves! Grab a cocktail, and enjoy it outdoors with great company!