Call me Felicity, but I am in loooove with backpacks. It’s back-to-school time, and all I want to do is pick out a new one for myself and ravage the school supplies aisle at Target! Organizing notebooks and a planner and pencil case… I could go on and on and on. Anyway…
We have new back-to-school temporary tattoos in our Etsy shop for your kiddos! Customize with school colors and your child’s name or their school letters.
We’ve also rounded up some of our fav backpacks for your littles… unless your child insists on a 
Wild Kratts backpack like mine did! Ugh.
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We’ve also got some cute tats for the teeny ones…tattoos to share with the whole class!


Kiddos need to be as stylish as their mamas! All we want for our littles this spring are these crazy cool graphic t’s. Sorry husbands, these ARE happening. We love that most of these are unisex! And your kids probably won’t know what their own shirt says… but you will! Every time Ari wears his “keep it rad” shirt, people always smile and comment. Pretty sure he loves the attention 🙂
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Teacher appreciation day is coming up, and we know a lot of you busy mamas have been asking for some easy gift ideas. Let’s treat the (very patient) people who take care of our kids, feed them, change them, clean them, teach them, love them… and they’re not even their own kids! Who does that? Not these ladies right here. No thank you.
Here are some of our fav DIY/free printable gifts plus more on our Pinterest board HERE
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Remember A+ for effort, right?