toddler valentines


Melts are basically toddler crack. They’re just dehydrated yogurt and fruit, but for some reason, all of our kids go crazy for them… even our big kids! This year, Joshie AKA Lil Intern is giving these Melts packs to his friends. We’ve linked all the materials you’ll need below. You could easily staple the tag to the Melts bag that they come in, but this is just one step cuter!

1. Purchase:

BAGS (unless stapling directly on the Melts bag they come in)


and recommended but not necessary…




2. Download your cards HERE


3. Print on white card stock. THIS is our favorite ever!! Super bright white and prints vibrant colors. It really makes a difference, especially with this printable since there’s so much color.


4. Cut right on the lines using a paper cutter. THIS one is the only kind we’ve found for seeing right where you’re cutting.


5. Fold the card in half, add melts in the clear bag, fold the top of the bag a little, and staple the card on top. Or staple the card to the top of the melts bag that they come in.


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Leah & Jenni