Our 2016 outlook is a positive one.  Here are a few things that Leah and I would like to see happen for us this year. Can you believe it is already 2016?? I remember NYE 1999 like it was yesterday. Time flies when you are having fun… and kids 🙂
1. Take better care of myself – find my own doctor and get all of my annual checkups! I haven’t been to any since Max has been born two years ago… yikes! 
2. Have special one-on-one time with each of my kids. It’s hard to do age-appropriate activities and games when they are together being that they’re five and two. Ari (5) and I will start building an intricate tower and BOOM, Max (2) comes along and smashes it to pieces. They can concentrate better when there’s no sharing or fighting etc. I would love to focus on just them, make them feel special, and appreciate all of their eccentricities and qualities I love about them. 
3. Go on more date nights with my husband- not even with friends, just the two of us. It could be dressing up and going out to the hot new restaurant in town, or it could even be at home if it means putting up our computers and phones and not working after the kids are asleep. 
4. Work out – ugh.
5. Read more. This vacation when the shop has been closed, I’ve read two books and counting. I forgot how much I love to read! Every spare time I have that I’m not with the kids or doing housework, I’m working on Etsy orders and new designs. I will try to prioritize some relaxation time which will include just curling up with a good book and reading for a bit. 
1. Take better care of myself – this is at the VERY top of my list as well.  The biggest part of this is going to bed before midnight! yikes! I have so many little things “wrong” with me right now, that I need to go get checked out, but I just keep putting it off. I think a few checkups would result in a better quality of life ;).
2. Be a better planner – we don’t have a very typical work schedule. My husband or I. So, I usually just map out my plans day by day. I would love to start looking at my week as a whole, and plan our family meals ( to eat at home more and help save money), plan fun activities to do with or for my kids instead of just lugging them to Target with me all of the time. I feel like when I wake up “behind”, my kids pay the price and get less quality time with their mommy. Not good!!
3. Do something active at least once a week (to start out) – I am hoping the going to bed early thing will help this become a reality. I am tired all. of. the. time. We just recently moved into a new house that has a great park right in my backyard with a walking trail. I would love to just get out there a couple of times a week and get my heart rate up and clear my head.
4. Read A book – Yep, just ONE. Gah Jenni. Get with the grown up program.
5. Remodel our home – It is going to take patience, and I lack that. However, I really want to pay attention to detail, and make every little corner of this house be a well thought out one.