New Years


Our 2016 outlook is a positive one.  Here are a few things that Leah and I would like to see happen for us this year. Can you believe it is already 2016?? I remember NYE 1999 like it was yesterday. Time flies when you are having fun… and kids 🙂
1. Take better care of myself – find my own doctor and get all of my annual checkups! I haven’t been to any since Max has been born two years ago… yikes! 
2. Have special one-on-one time with each of my kids. It’s hard to do age-appropriate activities and games when they are together being that they’re five and two. Ari (5) and I will start building an intricate tower and BOOM, Max (2) comes along and smashes it to pieces. They can concentrate better when there’s no sharing or fighting etc. I would love to focus on just them, make them feel special, and appreciate all of their eccentricities and qualities I love about them. 
3. Go on more date nights with my husband- not even with friends, just the two of us. It could be dressing up and going out to the hot new restaurant in town, or it could even be at home if it means putting up our computers and phones and not working after the kids are asleep. 
4. Work out – ugh.
5. Read more. This vacation when the shop has been closed, I’ve read two books and counting. I forgot how much I love to read! Every spare time I have that I’m not with the kids or doing housework, I’m working on Etsy orders and new designs. I will try to prioritize some relaxation time which will include just curling up with a good book and reading for a bit. 
1. Take better care of myself – this is at the VERY top of my list as well.  The biggest part of this is going to bed before midnight! yikes! I have so many little things “wrong” with me right now, that I need to go get checked out, but I just keep putting it off. I think a few checkups would result in a better quality of life ;).
2. Be a better planner – we don’t have a very typical work schedule. My husband or I. So, I usually just map out my plans day by day. I would love to start looking at my week as a whole, and plan our family meals ( to eat at home more and help save money), plan fun activities to do with or for my kids instead of just lugging them to Target with me all of the time. I feel like when I wake up “behind”, my kids pay the price and get less quality time with their mommy. Not good!!
3. Do something active at least once a week (to start out) – I am hoping the going to bed early thing will help this become a reality. I am tired all. of. the. time. We just recently moved into a new house that has a great park right in my backyard with a walking trail. I would love to just get out there a couple of times a week and get my heart rate up and clear my head.
4. Read A book – Yep, just ONE. Gah Jenni. Get with the grown up program.
5. Remodel our home – It is going to take patience, and I lack that. However, I really want to pay attention to detail, and make every little corner of this house be a well thought out one. 


There is nothing fancy about this drink, but it sure was fun for my 4 year old to make. Any chance for that girl to get her hands on a lollipop… sheesh!
 What you need:
– Lime (for “salting”, but really sprinkling the rim)
– Sprinkles
– Sparkling juice of your choice
– Lollipop of your choice
– A fun drink stirrer or straw


What is NYE without a cocktail? A slushy to get sloshed perhaps? And what is a cocktail without a fab little drink stirrer? Don’t worry! We have you covered. These take no time to whip up, just a little planning ahead. 

You will need: paper straws, ribbon, washi (optional), tissue paper and scissors. I fell majorly in love with the Christmas gift wrap from Sugar Paper for Target, so that is what I used! 🙂

   Now for the drank recipe!

(fills 4 champagne flutes)
– 1 package of strawberries. I used fresh, but you could definitely use frozen if you are pressed for time.
– 1 quarter lime
– sugar ( I used coconut sugar)
Simply puree the strawberries with half of the champagne bottle. Pour into ice trays and freeze! Then, blend them again after they are frozen with the remaining champagne. Add a squeeze of lemon and about a teaspoon of sugar to taste. Pour and enjoy!!
Drink responsibly friends!


Who is going out on NYE? Raise your hand if you wish you were…(I am totally raising my hand right now). There is something so fun, comfortable and sweet about staying in and sipping mocktails with your kiddos in your pjs while garnished in all of the tacky New Year’s $1 bin items. However, it has been quite a while (basically since our baby boy was born, which was 7 months ago) since my husband and I have been out on an actual date. You can imagine how much I am fantasizing about the one night where wearing sequins head to toe is acceptable. Here are a few looks that I would definitely feel comfortable wearing out. Somewhat sexy, but something that my “mom bod” would feel comfortable in.
 This beauty of a playsuit would look stunning with a sleek black (or navy) blazer. I think it would class up a piece that is on the short side and shows a little more cleavage than normal. 😉
I have been DYING for an ostrich feather skirt, or even a fringe skirt (loving this one), and this one seems to fit the bill. Can’t get enough white, ya’ll!  😉
If you have a little girl, this is just too cute to pass up!
Happy New Year everyone! We hope it is a fun and safe one for you!! We are definitely looking forward to 2016!
BTW, have you purchased your NYE tats from our shop yet? Hurry!!


Have you ever used before? It’s so bizarre for us to hear that some people haven’t, because it’s an incredible company! Everything is just so. freaking. easy. We just recently went crazy on their art site which we’ll update you with later! Out of control good! 
Minted has an insane amount of designs for holiday cards. They use independent artists to design, so you can feel good about your purchase. The quality is also amazing, which appeals to these two paper snobs! They have foil pressed cards and we are suckers for anything shiny (hello rose gold foil… muah)! If you have moved, had a baby (and want to announce it 6 months later – insert raised hand here), married the love of your life, or just simply want to say Happy Holidays, there is a card for just that! You can filter it by the number of photos, whether you want it flat or folded, whether you want it to say Christmas/Holiday/New Years, if you want the writing on the top or the bottom… we could go on and on. And the coolest feature? You can upload your holiday photo and see what every single card looks like with your photo! Then you can chose a patterned back or more photos, you can order your return address label that matches your card. And the BEST part? YOU GET FREE RECIPIENT ADDRESS PRINTING. What??!!
Like we said, it’s SO easy! 
We don’t have our photos yet, but are planning which cards and which outfits go with our picks. Here are our favs…which one should we go with? Ah! So many good choices!
Dashing Dots card HERE
Holiday Headliner card HERE
Not So Calm card HERE

Photo Booth Filter card HERE

The More, The Merrier card HERE

Gold Illume card HERE

Santa’s Newest Helper card HERE

Silent-less Night card HERE

The other good news? 
Minted is giving you 15% off on holiday cards through 10/30/15 using code: LOVELION15
That’s something to be jolly about!


We are doing a little NYE project over here to get ready for the festivities tonight! What is a NYE celebration without some confetti? I put together mini confetti packs and taped them to card stock that I printed little phrases on with my ol’ epson printer. Haha! Super easy project, and so fun to hand out to any party guests, host/hostess, or just keep in your bag for your own mini celebration when the clock strikes midnight.
Confetti can be made out of ANYTHING (that doesn’t give you a head injury). I used a lot of leftover materials from Christmas like metallic chip board letters, twine that I shredded, striped straws, gold ribbon, teal and white card stock, and aqua and pink crepe paper. Have fun with it!
This “kiss me under the confetti” card is my favorite! Lucky me, I get two kisses tonight! 😉

Just look at that confetti goodness… sigh…
 Champagne is definitely my drink of choice for a night such as this, but my husband prefers White Russians. Champagne is not always the manliest drink, so I get it. I put together a hostess gift for the couple hosting us tonight. I collected some mini shakers from the Target dollar section along with some chalkboard tags they had. Then, I added the mini drinks with a striped straw. It would also just make a great party favor for any party. You could even buy these items in a normal size and gift it. Confetti and cocktails….yes, please!!
I tied a chalkboard tag onto the mini shaker that read “Just add cream….Cheers!”

Cheers!! Please have a happy and SAFE New Year friends!! Have some of that responsible kind of fun!! 
{cue noise makers now}


If you are planning on staying home this NYE, and maybe even have little ones join in the festivities, here are some fun goodies to make the most of your night in. 
{click on numbers below for links}
1 Lounge in style in this fabulous thermal set! They will still look great with a red lip 😉
2 We love Knot & Bow!!! They have a new metallic and white confetti bomb that will serve as a little party in your vacuum on New Years Day!
3 We weren’t on the up and up in time to order these, but personalized pjs for your kids?!?! LOVE!!
4 Confetti socks! Enough said.
5 It’s not a party without a noise maker, right? The prettiness of these outweigh the loud noise.
6 Let your littles get their drink on with a sparkling apple juice in a can. Add a festive straw for fun!
7 We are all about wearing some sort of NYE/2014 Head gear. This cute headband is an Etsy find.
8 Canned champs ladies!! Pop, Fizz, Clink Tsssss???
9 Photo props! A must at every party.
10 Confetti with color for your littles to make a giant mess with! yay!!!


We’ve been scouring the interweb for the coolest NYE ideas and recipes. Whether you’re throwing a big shindig or a having a cozy night at home, there’s always something special you can add. DIY garlands, fun balloons, confetti, glitter!!, yummy dips and apps, and of course…champagne! Check out our pinterest board for all things NYE.


Hey friends!! Hope you are all recovering from the holidays nicely. Our tree is finally down, however, the pine needles allllll over my floor are another story. I decided to do a style board for you guys rather than vacuum. You are welcome! NYE is just around the corner, and its time to bring anything and everything that sparkles out of your ( or your friend’s) closet. I honestly have not been out on NYE since the year 2010/2011. I was pregnant with my daughter, Amara, and didn’t even know it yet! Let’s not talk about how many cocktails I had that night. 
Moving on….. New Years looks little different with the littles in the picture. We have just been at home the last couple of years ( happily), but this year, we are going to a friend’s house to celebrate! They are both stylists and one is additionally a chef. It will be a stylish night with great food! I. CAN’T. WAIT. Kids are tagging along, but it was requested that we dress up! Here is a look I am loving for this year.   Neutral with a little sparkle! It is typically hard to splurge on items to wear just for one night, but when you buy things you love that are classic mainstays, then it is not a waste of money. 
What are your plans for NYE? We would love to celebrate with you via Instagram that night. Be sure and follow us!
{click on numbers below for links}
1 This French Connection dress is so stunning! Classic, but the way it swings is so sexy! 
2 Bauble Bar will never let a girl down. PLEASE mix those metallics. The subtle gold on this bracelet   would be gorgeous against the silver.
3 The perfect nude color. 
4 Since the dress isn’t extremely form fitting and kind of loose, a dainty, strappy sandal is a must to add that feminine touch
5 My go to nail color. For those of you who are “afraid” of black nail polish…GREAT NEWS! Its really really really dark purple! 🙂
6 I have used these lashes while doing make-up for brides. They are so subtle and natural looking, but still offer that glam factor. Gotta wear lashes on nights such as this.
7 Lodis clutch to keep your necessities. Love that it is leather!