6 month


Hope you guys had an amazing 4th! Seemed a bit chaotic in my (Jenni’s) household, as I am pretty sure I did not take a single picture or watch more than 4 fireworks go off! I was too busy keeping my 2 year old boy away from the fire pit and my 6 month old teether from devouring my s’more, which I truly don’t remember eating. That reminds me… I will make another one tonight and eat it privately! Who says you don’t learn from your bestie/biz partner? Did you guys see the drool worthy chocolate brownies Leah made on our story?? I am living vicariously through her prego eating right now. Loving every minute!

With Leah due to have her baby ANY day now ( I can hardly contain my excitement for her sweet family), and me embracing all the milestones that come with a 7 month old, we definitely have had baby goods on. the. brain. Wanted to share a few things that I HAD to have due to Milo’s teething/feeding craziness! Seriously, he is the drooliest, quickest teether we have had. It actually tricked me into thinking he was ready to start eating real food, but truly he just wants to gum every little thing, including his spoon used to feed him. Most days, I feel like I am in a scene of MIB where an alien just slimed me. I swear there is no purpose in trying to look cute this year.


Teethers… tried them all. Sippy cups….tried them all. Bibs….ugh…yeah. These are a few dependable products that I would buy again tomorrow if I lost them. I was able to gather all of these goods at the one stop shop that is Baby Cubby! You guys should really shop their site for the latest, most modern baby goods. I truly had a hard time trying to just buy for baby #3 because they have stuff for all littles and mamas too! whaaaa!?!? Definitely trying to convince the hubby to let us invest in the new City Lux Stroller.

controller|orange teether|bracelet|ergo bib|sleeved bib|Boon pulp feeder|baby spoons|mini mat|hooded towel

*Thank you to Baby Cubby for sponsoring this post, however, all opinions are our own! We are moms who love good products, and trustworthy companies! We choose to share with YOU the things that we jump on board with ourselves.*