key chain


I don’t know about you, but my oldest, Ari, is obsessed with key chains! He has about 20 on his backpack! These weird little pizza key chains are what he’s giving his class this year. Last year was the slap bracelets, which were a big hit!

1. Purchase pizza key chains HERE. One order comes with 24 pizzas, $0.50 each!

2. Download printable HERE

3. Print on white card stock. THIS is our favorite for really good quality colors!

4. Cut right on the lines using a paper cutter. THIS one is the best for seeing where you’re cutting.

5. Punch a hole in the top left corner using THIS size punch.

6. Cut bakers twine HERE about 10″ long

7. Tie a slip knot and then tie the key chain on securely and make your kiddo write their name 🙂 THIS brown is great!

Easy Cheesy!


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 If your house is anything like mine, it’s Star Wars everything all the time! We found these mini glow sticks (light sabers!) and Yoda key chains at the Target dollar spot. You could really use any Yoda toy or our Yoda tattoos HERE.
Simply punch two holes for a light saber (glow stick) and thread through. Or if you’re tying a key chain, punch two small holes close to each other and use string to tie it on.
Download the Yoda Best free printable HERE
Cut using our favorite cutting board HERE
Glow sticks HERE
Find our Yoda tattoos HERE.