toy eraser


My kids are obsessed with these smelly pencils, and they really are cute! You could also use fruit lollipops, fruit erasers, juice boxes, Gushers, or fruit pouches! This printable is so bright and colorful- my new favorite! Scroll down for the links.

They’re pretty cute on their own if you wanted to just write a note on the back without buying a toy.

1. Purchase fruit pencils HERE.

If using fruit erasers HERE, you’ll need clear bags and washi tape.

2. Download printables HERE

3. Print on white card stock. THIS is our favorite ever!! Super bright white and prints vibrant colors. It really makes a difference, especially with this printable since there’s so much color.

4. Cut right on the lines using a paper cutter. THIS one is the only kind we’ve found for seeing right where you’re cutting.

5. Secure using these handy removable glue dots or washi tape.

6. Make your kiddo write their name!

SMELL ya later 😉