We are big Boon fans over here! How can you not be? Modern design, beautiful colors and major functionality are all things that appeal to these two mamas. Boon was kind enough to send us their new SUDS bottle washer for us to try out. It is peeeeeerfect timing since I am cleaning bottles for our little one that is due in just weeks. I was so excited to try it out, even though I already knew it would be a love at first use kind of thing. 
Dishwashers are great, but lets be real….. How many times do you go into the kitchen in the morning and need a bottle or sippy cup for your little, and realize you DID NOT run the dishwasher or you just still have a FULL SINK of dishes. There is nothing I hate more than a sink full of dishes greeting me in the morning. However… it happens! This SUDS friend of ours totally makes it a quick and slightly enjoyable process to clean a bottle quickly for your little. You simply put the bottle face down on the pump, and move it up and down so that the brush gets every inch of the bottle! GENIUS! Even my husband was intrigued!! Ladies…. this might be how we trick them into doing dishes?!
My only wish for this little gem is that you could actually wash the small inner parts of the bottle. It would be great if there was a smaller brush attachment of some sort to actually do the smaller pieces of the bottle that the milk passes through. We use Dr. Brown’s bottles, which contain a couple of smaller pieces that need some scrubbing. However, I just toss those pieces in the bottom tray of the Sudsy, and it makes for a GREAT soaking tray! Sometimes, that may be all you need to get those small pieces clean. 
This is still a product I would highly recommend. Totally worth the $22.99 that it sells for. Especially if you don’t have a dishwasher!! You could easily leave this in your sink full of soapy warm water so that you can just easily clean each bottle throughout the day. Sidenote: this is a great method of cleaning for a wine glass ( or two) that us mommies like to indulge in every night every now and then. 😉

Thank you, Boon! We are forever fans, and we truly love all of your products for us moms and our littles. 
Boon was kind enough to offer a SUDS bottle cleaner to one of our lucky readers!! You MUST Follow Boon on Instagram and us of course!
Tag a friend on our IG, and you are entered!!!
For an additional entry, leave a comment below telling us what you FAVORITE Boon product is after visiting their website HERE. There is just too much pretty to look at!
Happy Entering!!!


Friends, we have such a fun giveaway today!! Our sweet friend, Lauren, has RE-launched her paper boutique’s website, and we are soooooo excited!! Leah and I shop there often, and go to Lauren for ALL of our stationery needs. She and her staff are just the best at what they do… end of story! Now, everything is available to you out of towners as well. YAY!!
We are celebrating with a giveaway!! Lauren was kind enough to offer up one of her custom designed self-inking address stamps for one of our lucky readers. Leah and I both have one, and we LOVE it!! It makes addressing envelopes or stamping your books so much easier and much more stylish. They make great gifts as well.  Although, you may have a really hard time deciding on which one to pick. That is always the hardest part, right? 
Here is how you enter…
1. Go to Lauren’s beautiful new site HERE 
2. PIN your favorite stamp design from her site.
3. THEN, come back here and comment on which stamp you liked best! Be sure and leave your Pinterest name in the comment so that we can be sure you pinned!!
** Winner will be announced on Thursday**
Happy entering!!!!
Heydy Lopez… you are our winner! Please email us to claim your lovely stamp, friend!!! 
Thanks for entering everyone!! We really appreciate you!


When people asked what theme Max’s first birthday was going to be, and I said “round”… they were like… ummm cool. Okay so Max is round, he loves balloons and balls- those are round, and honestly I couldn’t think of anything that hadn’t been done a million times before! Plus it’s so simple- just my style. 
The party was supposed to be in our backyard with lanterns strung from the trees, circular picnic blankets, ring toss, bubbles, etc. Guess what? It poured every. single. day. that week including the day of the party. Super dark outside too for pictures. Fantastic. We’re still in our rental (egg yolk and old lady sage walls), so basically my plan was to camouflage the grossness with tons and tons of balloons. I think it turned out really well, and most importantly, everyone had a great time! And let’s be honest, when you’re dealing with one to four-year-olds really all they need are toys and cake. Cake is clutch. 
See what I mean? Cake is clutch.
I baked two batches of white cake in sheet pans so the layers would be thin, froze the layers, cut with a 2.5″ biscuit cutter, then just piped colorful frosting in between. 
 All round food!
 Complete with Aunt Ellie’s Campfire Crispies! They are SO. GOOD. Do yourself a favor and order these babies.


Had to cover the nasty chandelier 🙂
Monthly photos of Maxie cut out into circles, naturally.
I made this little picnic blanket out of a drop cloth. Draw two concentric circles in pencil and paint in the lines. Make sure to paint the circle before you cut. That way it’ll look nice and neat! 
Party crowns, tattoos, hula hoops, bouncy balls
Custom temporary tattoos with each kid’s name from our Etsy shop!
I ordered the rings on Amazon and got bottles from the dollar section at Target. Since the party was supposed to be outside, I had painted wooden dowels to hammer into the grass. Sigh. Still a fun activity for the kids though! 
Getting a surprise ball was a tradition at my sister and my birthday parties growing up. I decided to supersize it by using a container from Party City as the center to make this huge!
Each kid got to unwrap a color, once that streamer color ended, they got the prize and gave the ball to the next kid. It ACTUALLY worked! Couldn’t believe how patient the kids were waiting for their turn! So fun!
I got the beach balls from Oriental Trading Company and wrote on them with neon Sharpies. Here’s the thing… they can’t fold totally flat, so they were considered a parcel… which means they were $3 each to mail! I took them to the post office and got 5 different stamps, which actually looked pretty cool. Thankfully I only invited a handful of people, and I hand-delivered most!
 On the back of the ball it said:
ROLL on over to Max’s
It was a sweet day for my sweet, round little Maxie!
And the winner of the Freshly Picked Giveaway is….
Kelly Vance!
Woohoo!! Please email us at!
Thank you all for entering! Many more giveaways to come!


Fall is my favorite time of year! Love the colors, love the weather, and adore fun fall activities. Jeffrey and I took the kiddos to Gentry’s Farm this past weekend to pick pumpkins and take a billion pictures. My twin sis, Ellie, was in town (always a ridiculous amount of laughs), so we made a day of it and afterwards went to one of our fav standbys for dinner, Burger Up. Ari ordered salmon and salad. What. A. Little. Weirdo. But he’s MY little weirdo. Meanwhile Ellie and I ordered Hatcher Farm milkshakes. So… anyway…
You know you all dress your littles up when you go to the pumpkin patch. You’ve gotta, right?! Luckily, Max can fit into all of Ari’s old clothes, but shoes are a different story. Jenni and I are OBSESSED with Freshly Picked Moccs. We might have one or three or five pairs for our littles and can’t stop won’t stop. The are THE softest shoes in the most beautiful colors. They’re absolutely perfect for almost walkers like Max too. He is a turbo crawler and these babies have elastic that slip right on and don’t fall off. Seriously. The only shoes that Max can’t pull off. Also one of the only shoes that fit his chubby feet! The soft, buttery leather and the elastic work their magic.
Jenni and I are so obsessed with Freshly Picked Moccs that we wanted to share the love with you! Scroll down for deets on how to enter the Freshly Picked Moccasins giveaway.
Max is wearing the Butterscotch mocc. Such a yummy color and perfect for fall!
Can’t cut those curls. Baby mullet.
And now for the
The lucky duck will win one pair of Freshly Picked Moccs in their choice of color and size.
1. Comment on THIS blog post with what color mocc is your fav. See all the beauties right here.
On your cell? Comments only work on the full web version, NOT mobile- blerg
2. Follow @loveandlion and @freshlypicked on Instagram
3. Tag 3 friends on our giveaway Instagram post (@loveandlion)
That’s it! 
Contest closes Thursday, October 23 at 12:00am CST.
We will announce the randomly selected winner* on Friday, October 24th right here on the blog.
*Winner must ship to US only and must not have won a giveaway including Freshly Picked Moccs in the last 60 days.
We so appreciate you coming by our little ol’ blog, and hope you stick around. Rad parties, crafts, recipes, style, and snippets of our lives!


We are constantly amazed by you, readers, for supporting us, reading every little post, following us on social media, liking, commenting, and just being totally sweet in general. To celebrate YOU….
It’s giveaway time again! Any mamas or soon-to-be mamas out there? Two of our FAV lifesavers / sanity savers are Solly Baby Wraps and Mama & Little teething jewelry. I personally could not get through the day without these products. 
Max wants to be held a lot and having a very busy 3-year-old doesn’t really allow me to do that all the time. Baby wearing is not only super convenient, but it’s also super important in establishing that bond between mama and baby. I’m not sure how I’d get anything done without wearing Max…dishes, laundry, dinner, the list goes on! Here’s what I love about SOLLY BABY: The wrap is light weight, so you can wear this running errands from store to store and just tuck baby in when you’re in need. It’s stylish and most importantly comfy for mom and baby. I also love that Solly Baby donates $1 of each wrap to Every Mother Counts. Read more about it HERE. Elle is now the mama of three and created the Solly Baby wrap out of need when she had her second child. Head on over to her instagram feed to see her gorgeous family and a whole army of Solly Baby fans! 
I am SO grateful to have found Mama and Little teething jewelry. It’s a (fashionable) life saver! I’ve had other teething jewelry before but the beads would always pull my hair out every time I moved or the baby pulled the necklace- OUCH! Also, the styles were not very exciting. Mama & Little jewelry is genius in that there’s a silk cord by the clasp so as not to pull your hair out. Also- have you ever seen those geo beads before on a teething necklace? So. Freaking. Rad. Max is teething (without even having a tooth yet), and he’s also very A.D.D. when drinking his bottle. The Teresa necklace is the perfect distraction for Max while I feed him. He loves to feel each bead and look at the bright colors. Also the perfect height to entertain him when wearing him! I layer it with my Olivia teething necklace because I’m matchy like that and Max just chomps on it- he really goes to town. He also loves my Deila necklace and it happens to go with everything. All of the jewelry is of course completely safe for your little. Read more about it HERE. Arleene created her line of teething jewelry for her sweet little son, Archer. Check out her instagram feed… super excited for her new styles and shapes coming out soon! 
Here’s my (not so little) Maxie!
I’m currently coveting all of the black and white pieces:
Want to own these ridiculously stylish and functional baby goodies?
1. Visit SOLLY BABY and MAMA & LITTLE and comment on this post what your favorite colors/products are from both sites. If you’re on your phone/ipad, you MUST be using the WEB version in order comment on our blog. For some reason Blogger doesn’t support comments on the mobile version! Just scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click “view web version”
2. Follow all three of us on instagram: @sollybabywrap, @mamaandlittle, @loveandlion if your account is private, please comment on our instagram (@loveandlion) that you did so.
*Winner will receive the Teresa Teething Necklace in Mermaid by Mama & Little AND 
one Solly Baby wrap in the color of your choice
*Contest ends Thursday June 26th at midnight PST
*Winner will be announced Friday, June 27 right here on the blog

Good luck, friends! Your life will be so much easier and way more stylish!


Have you entered our personal styling GIVEAWAY with Style Me Perfect? It ends tonight!!
Here are a few more outfits styled for me right out of my closet (and a few purchase suggestions). 
It’s soooo easy to get dressed these days! All the work is done for me by my amazing stylists at 
Girls Night outfit HERE
Casual/Lunch with Friends outfit HERE. I wore this for Mother’s Day brunch!

Date Look outfit HERE
Weekend Wear outfit HERE
Okay ladies, get on this GIVEAWAY– it’s super fun and easy!!


I don’t know if any of you mamas out there feel the same way, but after I had Max, I was in a fashion rut. My body wasn’t (and still isn’t) back to normal. It’s been seven months, and I still have the last few pounds to shed. Maternity clothes are too big, my old clothes are a little too small, and scarily enough after having a baby, your body shape just changes! It’s frustrating! I mean…it’s all worth it blah blah blah but seriously, I can’t keep wearing leggings and tunics every day, ya know? 
I needed help! Get me out of this frumpy mom rut! Enter: STYLE ME PERFECT. The genius personal stylists got me out of my mom uniform by opening my eyes to the possibilities that already existed in my closet and suggesting some super smart additions that I could easily buy online! The result is I actually look forward to getting dressed in the morning. Picking out what to wear is fun again, and I have some amazing new pieces to add to my existing wardrobe. The package that was perfect for my personal needs was the Stiletto Style Concierge Service. I requested certain types of outfits (running errands, girls lunches, date nights, etc.) and my personal stylist sent me looks with purchase suggestions and pulled from my own closet. It was actually so satisfying to fill out their easy-to-use closet form. Not only do my stylists know exactly what’s in my closet, but now I know what’s in there – oh that’s where my favorite sweater went!
My favorite part of the Style Me Perfect experience was being able to text and video chat with my stylist! I sort of felt like a big deal. Here’s what happened… I was going to a concert that night and wanted to look cool but not like I was trying too hard 🙂 My stylist pulled from what I already owned in my closet plus the new leather jacket bought for a previous outfit they suggested, and voila! It is now my go-to “night out” outfit! 
Leah's Concert Look
Closet Look – Concert outfit HERE
Now for the BEST news ever….
We are THRILLED to be partnering up with Style Me Perfect for an incredible giveaway! 
What you get:
10 minute closet edit (FaceTime/Skype)
Unlimited style advice (texting/selfies)
2-3 closet looks
Light supplemental shopping suggestions
Whether you need outfits for date nights, job interviews, special events, or trips to the park with your kiddos, you will absolutely benefit from Style Me Perfect!
It’s easy! Enter below by completing any one of the options provided.
Leave a comment on what kind of outfit you might want styled for you.
To rack up more entries, feel free to check off as many as you like. Plus it’ll make us feel super popular.

Oh, and for ONE MORE chance to win, tag two friends on our Instagram post!

Giveaway ends Thursday and the winner will be announced on our blogs Friday, May 23. 

I’ll be posting a few more outfits and board links in the next week. So obsessed.
Check out Style Me Perfect’s BLOG for tons of outfit ideas!
Good luck, ladies!


My mom was in town this weekend for her birthday, so I threw her a brunch featuring her favorite food ever: donuts! Sweet friends that she’s gotten to know over the years when visiting us, great conversation, yummy donuts, and colorful decorations made the party a hit. 
Free printables for you at the end of the post!
DIY sprinkle confetti: just cut cut cut up your scraps of tissue paper and voila! Sprinkles!
DIY Sprinkle Forks: I used a letter “I” rubber stamp and just stamped it in different colors to look like sprinkles! For extra fun, I put the forks in a delicious glass of real sprinkles.
I didn’t have time to fully complete the donut balloons, nor did I supervise the lady at Kroger inflating these… half way. UGH! Much cuter HERE.

I left out treat boxes for guests to take home extras… I do NOT need donuts sitting around my house! 
The birthday girl, my beautiful mom, Marty! And little Max of course.
To make your life a lot easier… free printables:
Donuts HERE and HERE
Tags HERE and HERE
Menu (blank) HERE
Oh… and the winner of the FRESHLY PICKED MOCCS GIVEAWAY is…
RACHEL ARNOLD!! (e-mail us mama!)
Yippee! Congrats!
We clearly have the best followers EVER!! Thank you ALL for your entries and sweet comments. Get hype for some more giveaways coming up! 


Happy Happy Monday friends!! We are beyond thrilled to be teaming up with one of our favorites, Freshly Picked, to bring you an awesome giveaway this week! We truly can’t rave enough about Susan, her amazing team and the quality product they produce to keep our littles styled comfortably. We discovered these handmade gems when our babies were born, and now consider ourselves “forever fans”. We finally found something that STAYS on their feet, with an ingenious elastic band around the ankle, while helping them get their little bearings in the world. The color choices are so stunning you will have a hard time choosing…. trust us! Be sure to check out the new Spring color releases if you haven’t already! We are crushing on the new coral and camo just to name a couple. I have personally saved each pair that Amara has grown out of to pass on to my other children in the future. They hold up so well, and make great gifts too!
(GIVEAWAY- details at the end of this post)
^^ Amara is wearing Radiant Orchid ^^
To enter to win a pair of Freshly Picked moccs in your choice of color and size, please comment below telling us what color you would love to add to your child’s shoe collection!
** For an additional entry, follow us on Instagram and comment by tagging TWO friends! **
The giveaway runs through Saturday, March 15, and the fabulous winner will be announced on Monday, the 17th! Thank you all for being a part of our first giveaway, and good luck!!!
UPDATE: And the winner is Rachel Arnold!! Contact us via email mama!!