DIY decoration


Who’s hosting Super Bowl this year? We picked up the bulk of the decor from Home Depot of all places! This post is not sponsored… I literally walked in and happened to find most of what we needed for the party there! Who knew? We are talking SIMPLE, people. Simple with a big impact!
The table runner is astroturf carpet from Home Depot! They just cut me a strip of 1′ x 12′ for around $6. The dude was like, “well that’s a first for me”! I thought it would be fun to put a signature drink inside a Gatorade cooler like in a real game. 
For the table decor, it’s just butcher paper (again, got a huge roll from Home Depot) and drew x’s and o’s with a Sharpie… my husband had to tell me what those meant. 
You know when you have a ton of people over, they sit their cups down and don’t know which is which? Instead of writing names, have each guest have their own “jersey number”. I used my silhouette and label paper only so I didn’t have to take a trip to the craft store, but most stores have those sticker numbers you could put on the cups. If you’re rooting for a team, get cups in your team’s colors and use real player jersey numbers!
Pennant banner is just cut out of the same butcher paper roll and handwritten with a Sharpie, taped up with washi tape.
Perfect plates from Target! No need to get football themed everything.
Good luck, hostesses with the mostesses! Gooooo team!


My oldest friend, Rebecca, just had Ada, the sweetest little bean you ever did see! Remember her baseball themed bridal shower HERE? We had an ice cream bar then (her fav), so my mom and I went with a whole ice cream theme for her sip and see! I basically have no imagination and wanted ice cream. BTW a sip and see is a baby shower AFTER the baby is born- you sip drinks and see the baby. Get it? Might be a southern thing, I don’t know!
Colors and design began with this adorable invitation by Rock Paper Scissors.
Frozen water balloons = the cuter cousin of ice cubes.
Loooove how Rock Paper Scissors designed the ice cream cup labels and cone wrappers!
-honeycomb balls (here and here)
-kraft wrapping paper
-double stick tape
For the cone, follow THIS template… just eyeball it and make it giant! It’s a little tricky, not gonna lie. Cut out and tape the ends of the cone together. Stick the honeycomb ball in and gently tape with double stick tape. I was laying mine flat on the table, so I didn’t need to secure it well. If you’re hanging them, I’d make them with the tiny honeycomb balls so they’ll be lighter.
Pinwheels, plates, and napkins by Meri Meri.
It’s not a party without Aunt Ellie’s Campfire Crispies! This time we went with gluten free Oreo flavor. Yuuuuum.
We got these adorable scoops HERE and painted them. We’re thinking about selling these little scoopity scoops painted custom in our ETSY shop- what do you think? They were perfect for ice cream toppings.
Table runner by Kitchen Papers.
I used THIS tassel tutorial and used my Silhouette for the letters.
Here’s the new mama Rebecca and sweet Ada! Imagine knowing someone for your entire life, then they’re in labor, and you’re crying alone in your car just sitting in your driveway so your kids don’t get freaked out that you’re crying. Yep, that was me.
Ice cream parties are the easiest because there’s no cooking or baking! Everything is store bought but looks special depending on how you display it. Sweet and simple!