NYE cocktail


What is NYE without a cocktail? A slushy to get sloshed perhaps? And what is a cocktail without a fab little drink stirrer? Don’t worry! We have you covered. These take no time to whip up, just a little planning ahead. 

You will need: paper straws, ribbon, washi (optional), tissue paper and scissors. I fell majorly in love with the Christmas gift wrap from Sugar Paper for Target, so that is what I used! 🙂

   Now for the drank recipe!

(fills 4 champagne flutes)
– 1 package of strawberries. I used fresh, but you could definitely use frozen if you are pressed for time.
– 1 quarter lime
– sugar ( I used coconut sugar)
Simply puree the strawberries with half of the champagne bottle. Pour into ice trays and freeze! Then, blend them again after they are frozen with the remaining champagne. Add a squeeze of lemon and about a teaspoon of sugar to taste. Pour and enjoy!!
Drink responsibly friends!