starbucks lemon loaf


Leah is definitely “the baker” between the two of us. I just fake it. I will get recipes from friends when they bake something I love, but there is no adding a little of this or that for me. I follow the recipe step by step!
I recently tried this lemon loaf that a friend made. I loved the texture and I loved how it wasn’t on the extreme side with the lemon flavor ( I am NOT a lemon fan). It is also gluten free!!! Something I am not necessarily trying to be either. However, when its good…. its good. I dare you to try this even if you  roll your eyes at gluten-free eaters. 😉 You can certainly choose a regular cake mix instead of a gluten – free one if you desire. We went to dinner at our friends’ house last night, and I baked the gluten – free recipe for dessert. I made substitutions where my friend did. It was so delish!! This would be a great brunch food for Mothers’ Day also!! I know my mom loves this.

**If you truly want it to be reminiscent of the Starbucks lemon loaf, then I recommend using lemon pudding instead of vanilla**
1 box cake mix ( I used gluten – free yellow)
4 eggs
1/2 c milk
1 box vanilla or lemon pudding mix ( I used vanilla)
1/2 c vegetable oil
8 oz. sour cream ( or you can substitute for mayo, which is what I used and it was still amazing!)
6 T lemon juice
3 c powdered sugar 
4 T lemon juice ( I used less and added milk in its place – 2 T lemon juice & 2 T milk)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Bake for 50 minutes ( no less)
Are there any amazing gluten – free desserts that we MUST try?! Send them our way!!!