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Got a holiday party coming up? Do you know what you are wearing yet? You might be last minute fashionistas like Leah and I, but these looks will have you dressing like you picked your outfit waaaaay in advance. 
Meet Damien and Lisa Wong-Ken! These are dear friends of mine who happen to be professional stylists. Lucky me, right? They have styled for big events such as the Dove Awards, AMAs, Grammys and Billboard Awards. They have been faithful texters when my husband or I are having a fashion crisis. Bless them!
We asked each of them to put together a look for you and the special guy in your life so that when you hit the holiday parties, you will do it in style and with confidence.
Lisa says…. 
I went for a matching top and bottom. It’s the look of a dress without being one. This 
gives you the opportunity to get different sizes to fit your unique body shape. You can 
also wear each piece as a separate later on. Pair the top with your favorite denim and the bottom 
with a white T-shirt!
Booties are a must have! These are sleek and have a great texture. I’m all about pieces
being able to transition into different looks. I love statement jewelry!! This ring has such an interesting look and unconventional shape! Being that it’s winter, opaque tights add the right amount of warmth. These tights go the extra mile by slimming you down. It’s the perfect companion to a pencil skirt.
The front and back look of these studs are perfect for any hair do. With the top and bottom of the outfit
being all over lace, this is just the right amount of subtlety.

Statement coats are really big this year, and I love it. If you are going to cover up your 
amazing outfit do it with a great topper. This amazing burgundy wrapper the perfect 
contrast with the gold. Last, but not least….. the clutch. When I’m going dancing I like to carry a cross body bag. I hate leaving my purse, and a strapless clutch becomes cumbersome. I love the 3D effect of 
the sequins and that it’s multi-colored.
MEN!!!! Take note. I know for my husband,  dressing up is an intimidating thing because when it comes to hems, layers, accessories, etc., there are “rules” that he is just unaware of, and it can be overwhelming. Damien gives such great tips on every little detail you need to pull off your look with style.
Damien says….
Slim cuts, layers, patterns, and colors are the go-to looks for the season, and are always the
most versatile during the cooler (and sometimes colder) weather – no matter where you 
are in the country.
Unless it is a formal event that you are attending (in which case a dark suit is always 
appropriate), go with a dark blue denim that is tailored and slimming.  Even if you’re a 
“big boy”, don’t shy away from slim cut jeans!  If they are hemmed correctly, they will 
make anyone look a few pounds lighter. A good tailor will know exactly how to give you the 
perfect amount of “break in the leg”.
Next, go for a mid-to-dark grey or black unconstructed sport jacket that fits right.  This 
simply means that there is little to no padding in the shoulders, and sometimes no lining.  
The seam should land at the top of the ball of your shoulder.  This will make it 
look slimmer and more flattering. The sleeves should be 
shortened to about a half of an inch just above your first thumb knuckle (the bump by your 
wrist).  It may seem short, but it’s right, and will add a touch of style to the end image as 
you show a little shirt cuff.

Shirts, ties, and pocket squares are preferences.  Patterns are always great so don’t be 
afraid of mixing them with colors.  A good rule of thumb as you start off is to have a 
printed shirt (let’s say a fine check) paired with a solid tie of a contrasting color 
(example: a blue and white fine check, with lighter/darker blue, a red, or yellow tie).  The 
tie should be about 2-3 inches at its widest point, tied in a 4-in-hand knot. When tied, 
the tip should land at the very top of your belt (Please! Wear a belt!!)  Cotton pocket 
squares are not for everyone, but they do break up a huge piece of blank canvas, and are a 
great accessory that doesn’t over do it.  If anything, just use a plain white cotton 
handkerchief and fold it into a square, exposing only a sliver.  No matter the 
shirt and tie, it’s a perfect compliment.
Socks and shoes are very personal items.  Socks can be as unique as you are, and shoes 
should always be clean.  For this particular look, I would go for a basic oxford. 
  Brown or black would look great. Matching a belt is not necessary either, as long as it’s “close enough”.
This look may not be your forte, but believe me, when people compliment you on how
you look, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident than ever!
EXTRA: Damien & Lisa’s roster of clients includes:

TobyMac, Newsboys, Chris Tomlin, Brandon Heath, Capital Kings, Ryan Stevenson, Run Kid Run
Finding Favor, B. Reith, Brit Nicole, Nicole C. Mullen, Mandisa, Journey’s Group (Journeys, SHI)

# MyVegasStyle CHALLENGE

Happy Monday lovelies!! We have been dreaming of a vacay getaway…. like errday! Toddlers will do that to you, ya know? Anyway, when approached us about putting together several looks for a day at Aria Resort & Casino, we jumped at the chance. It is fun to dream a little, right?
One of my favorite places to go is Vegas! The last time we were in town, we enjoyed lunch at Aria, and fell in looooove with the property. How could you not? We promised ourselves that the next time we came back… we would stay there! One thing I love most about Vegas is that anything goes! I mean that in a fashion sense personally ( get your minds out of the gutter ladies). Leah and I love a good lounge at the pool, lunches that involve wine, aaaaaaand amazing dance parties. Here are 3 looks that you would catch us wearing if this dream of living it up in Vegas were to become reality.
Comments: So in love with Seafolly kaftans!! Sunscreen is a MUST!
Comments: In love with peach everything! White manis are summer perfection!
Comments: My husband loves the LBD look for when we go out at night, and I fell in LOVE with this piece because it is classy enough for dinner, but sexy enough for dancing at the club. I gotta add my little pop of color with a bright, summery clutch. Don’t forget your fake lashes…. seriously…. don’t forget em!
Hope you had fun daydreaming with us today!


Hey father lovers!! We are getting ready for a little mini Father’s Day grilling session at our house this weekend! We are having a few friends over, so of course I have to do a LITTLE decorating! I put together a little style board of all the things you need for a fabulous (but manly), low-key outdoor celebration. The best part is that most of these items are DIY or printable, which makes it all the easier on us mamas. Sometimes, even Leah and I like to take a break from “creating” and partake in a little printable fun….. thanks to our fellow creative bloggers.
flags / mixers / speaker / card / poster / plates – Target dollar section / liners (also a gingham pattern in Target dollar section) / wrap / labels / banner
We sure are grateful for our baby daddies! Whoever it is that you celebrate on this day….. celebrate him well.


Every summer, we obsess over finding the PERFECT sunglasses- that’s our go-to accessory for summer! Even if we’re wearing basic shorts and a t, our sunnies can totally glam up the look and make us feel put together. This year, we have our eye on Warby Parker’s new collab with Karlie Kloss. Feminine, flirty, understated glam, and we’re pretty sure we’ll look a lot more like Karlie Kloss too, right?
Here’s the best part: with every shade purchased, a pair is donated to someone in need. Karlie has partnered up with her fav charity, Edible Schoolyard NYC. They provide low-income public schools with kitchens and gardens, and students, through a hands-on curriculum led by Edible Schoolyard staff, learn the tools to develop lifelong healthy habits. The donation will benefit two community farm stands in Brooklyn and East Harlem, where kids learn about food preparation in their own neighborhoods. 
 Here’s our fav: The Clara in heirloom gold and copper fade lenses. DROOL. You guys know we’re suckers for gold. We love that The Clara will go from the pool to late afternoon cocktails with it’s elegant color and silhouette. The Clara would look gorgeous on any skin tone!

If you can’t decide on which one will be your summer staple, did you know you can actually have five styles shipped to you for free to try on? I know, right?! So smart. Learn more HERE
We styled our favorite pair (The Clara in gold). This is what we would be wearing with the effortlessly stylish design. We are SO in love!!! Anybody else have these on their summer shopping list?
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 
See all of Warby Parker’s stylish sunnies right HERE! Which one is your fav?


I don’t know if any of you mamas out there feel the same way, but after I had Max, I was in a fashion rut. My body wasn’t (and still isn’t) back to normal. It’s been seven months, and I still have the last few pounds to shed. Maternity clothes are too big, my old clothes are a little too small, and scarily enough after having a baby, your body shape just changes! It’s frustrating! I mean…it’s all worth it blah blah blah but seriously, I can’t keep wearing leggings and tunics every day, ya know? 
I needed help! Get me out of this frumpy mom rut! Enter: STYLE ME PERFECT. The genius personal stylists got me out of my mom uniform by opening my eyes to the possibilities that already existed in my closet and suggesting some super smart additions that I could easily buy online! The result is I actually look forward to getting dressed in the morning. Picking out what to wear is fun again, and I have some amazing new pieces to add to my existing wardrobe. The package that was perfect for my personal needs was the Stiletto Style Concierge Service. I requested certain types of outfits (running errands, girls lunches, date nights, etc.) and my personal stylist sent me looks with purchase suggestions and pulled from my own closet. It was actually so satisfying to fill out their easy-to-use closet form. Not only do my stylists know exactly what’s in my closet, but now I know what’s in there – oh that’s where my favorite sweater went!
My favorite part of the Style Me Perfect experience was being able to text and video chat with my stylist! I sort of felt like a big deal. Here’s what happened… I was going to a concert that night and wanted to look cool but not like I was trying too hard 🙂 My stylist pulled from what I already owned in my closet plus the new leather jacket bought for a previous outfit they suggested, and voila! It is now my go-to “night out” outfit! 
Leah's Concert Look
Closet Look – Concert outfit HERE
Now for the BEST news ever….
We are THRILLED to be partnering up with Style Me Perfect for an incredible giveaway! 
What you get:
10 minute closet edit (FaceTime/Skype)
Unlimited style advice (texting/selfies)
2-3 closet looks
Light supplemental shopping suggestions
Whether you need outfits for date nights, job interviews, special events, or trips to the park with your kiddos, you will absolutely benefit from Style Me Perfect!
It’s easy! Enter below by completing any one of the options provided.
Leave a comment on what kind of outfit you might want styled for you.
To rack up more entries, feel free to check off as many as you like. Plus it’ll make us feel super popular.

Oh, and for ONE MORE chance to win, tag two friends on our Instagram post!

Giveaway ends Thursday and the winner will be announced on our blogs Friday, May 23. 

I’ll be posting a few more outfits and board links in the next week. So obsessed.
Check out Style Me Perfect’s BLOG for tons of outfit ideas!
Good luck, ladies!


I can’t believe that Easter is this week!! It is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up, going to church and celebrating Jesus, and enjoying an amazing meal with family/friends. It is usually rainy here in Tennessee and cold even. However, it is calling for a beautiful day this year, and that alone makes me ALMOST more excited than eating my weight in Reese’s Pieces eggs. ALMOST! This will be Amara’s first year hunting for eggs also, so that is pretty special.
Here are some of my favorite picks for the little ladies and gents. I totally believe in buying an outfit that my child will wear beyond Easter. We don’t splurge too much on Easter clothes, but it is still fun to buy a special outfit for the occasion, don’t you agree?
Look one: dress shoes / Look two: dress shoes / Look three: dress shoes

Look one: shirt tie pants shoes / Look two: shirt shorts boots / Look three: shirt pants sandals
Any special plans for Easter or special traditions you have with your friends/family?


My husband is not touring these next couple of months, which means he is HOME and I am putting him to WORK! Lots of things get left undone when he is away, so we have a lot of catching up to do. We are currently in the process of ridding our walls of the flat builder’s paint that has been here since we moved in, and painting them in Behr’s lovely “Chocolate Froth”. It is a lot of work, but so worth it! I absolutely LOVE this color! We painted our guest room with this color, and I knew immediately that I wanted it in every other room in our home! 
We are currently working on our entry way, which is (by default) part of our living room. I put together a little inspiration board of things I have pinned over time or recently purchased for this little space. I am  mostly excited about wrapping a parsons console table in fabric or grass cloth. Leaning towards grasscloth. Have you ever tried a project like this? I am curious to know any tips you may have!


Hey friends!! Hope you are all recovering from the holidays nicely. Our tree is finally down, however, the pine needles allllll over my floor are another story. I decided to do a style board for you guys rather than vacuum. You are welcome! NYE is just around the corner, and its time to bring anything and everything that sparkles out of your ( or your friend’s) closet. I honestly have not been out on NYE since the year 2010/2011. I was pregnant with my daughter, Amara, and didn’t even know it yet! Let’s not talk about how many cocktails I had that night. 
Moving on….. New Years looks little different with the littles in the picture. We have just been at home the last couple of years ( happily), but this year, we are going to a friend’s house to celebrate! They are both stylists and one is additionally a chef. It will be a stylish night with great food! I. CAN’T. WAIT. Kids are tagging along, but it was requested that we dress up! Here is a look I am loving for this year.   Neutral with a little sparkle! It is typically hard to splurge on items to wear just for one night, but when you buy things you love that are classic mainstays, then it is not a waste of money. 
What are your plans for NYE? We would love to celebrate with you via Instagram that night. Be sure and follow us!
{click on numbers below for links}
1 This French Connection dress is so stunning! Classic, but the way it swings is so sexy! 
2 Bauble Bar will never let a girl down. PLEASE mix those metallics. The subtle gold on this bracelet   would be gorgeous against the silver.
3 The perfect nude color. 
4 Since the dress isn’t extremely form fitting and kind of loose, a dainty, strappy sandal is a must to add that feminine touch
5 My go to nail color. For those of you who are “afraid” of black nail polish…GREAT NEWS! Its really really really dark purple! 🙂
6 I have used these lashes while doing make-up for brides. They are so subtle and natural looking, but still offer that glam factor. Gotta wear lashes on nights such as this.
7 Lodis clutch to keep your necessities. Love that it is leather!