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Luckily I had a third son so baby Harry Potter, here we are again! My first son, Ari was Harry at 11 months then 4 years. Josh at 3 months got to be my little dress up doll. Then when he was 9 3/4 months… obviously this needed to happen…..
(Lots of other DIY ideas for you HERE!)
9 3/4 months AKA Platform 9 3/4
Lightening bolt tattoo (and other super awesome HP tats) HERE.
Letterfolk Letterboard
StarryKnight Designs Moccs
June and January Black top
Scarf pattern linked below
Lightening bolt tattoo (and other super awesome HP tats) HERE.
His cardi and pants are from June & January in onyx.
Lightening bolt rattle HERE
SCARF: I knit this using this pattern
GLASSES: here. I popped the plastic lenses out
Here’s Ari at 11 months…
…and almost 4 years
Seriously hoping the tradition continues!!


Let the “yo momma” jokes begin! We’re keeping this one sweet though… 
This is totally our moms!! Starting a business and having that fear of “what if no one likes what I’m doing??” and mom is always there to the rescue on instagram and blog posts! Ha! Thank goodness for moms, right?! 
Happy Mother’s Day!


We LOVE planning parties, especially baby showers! It’s so special and important to shower that mama-to-be with lots of love and thoughtful details. I was honored to co-host with 2 fabulous ladies, Dara and Emily, friends of the guest of honor, Leeron. It will be the second boy for Leeron, but we didn’t want to go all blue blue blue. We went with white, neutrals, and pops of mint and sage green. 
Lauren of Rock Paper Scissors designed the invitation, and I really went off of that for decor. It always starts with the invitation for me! The big letter “R” is just a paper mache letter from the craft store… use painters tape to mask off a straight line, paint, and remove tape. 
Diagonals, squares, and triangles mixed with all white flowers and live moss made for a simple and pretty party! 
The drink tags were my fav! Guests remembered which drink was theirs by the baby picture of the mama and pop-to-be and the color tag. Leeron’s amazing husband, Matt, secretly emailed me their baby pics, I changed them to black and white in photoshop and cropped to a square. Just punch a hole in the corner of the picture and the colored square and tie with string. The color tag was nice so that you didn’t have to have a different baby pic for each guests. Just use different colors for each pic. Leeron was so surprised (and immediately removed that one embarrassing photo from her tween years)!
Use painters tape to mask off a diagonal line. Paint and remove tape when dry! Super simple!
Every baby shower needs a diaper cake, right? See our TUTORIAL HERE. I used double stick tape to add on the triangles of leftover scraps from the garlands to keep that geo-mod vibe.
Cake topper by Rock Paper Scissors to match the invite.
Every party needs Campfire Crispies, especially a baby shower when you can be punny and say “She’s about to POP!” These were SO. GOOD. Fluffernutter flavor: toasted marshmallow and peanut butter with a white chocolate peanut butter coating. Droooool. Order HERE.
And of course us being us, we needed a tattoo station with the party’s hashtag (from our little shop HERE)! 
Here’s the actual party! It was at night, so I took the photos above so you could see the details!
 The simplest projects make the biggest impact. Jenni and I have done these live moss letters several times. Simply cut the tops of paper mache letters you can find in any craft store, and stuff with live moss from your florist!
Even though Leeron couldn’t enjoy it, we all loved the signature cocktail “The Leeroni”.
Hostesses with the mostesses: Dara, me, Leeron, Emily
The gorgeous and glowing mama-to-be, Leeron!
Loved throwing this baby shower for a very deserving mama!!!


Leah and I happily obliged when asked by Friendors to be a part of a styled Valentine themed wedding photo shoot in NYC!! Who doesn’t love a New York love story?  Such great inspiration if you are planning a city wedding of your own…. oh, and lots of pink and red. Our fav! 
Here are just a few of the photos from the shoot that we absolutely had to share. So beautifully done….

sigh…. so romantic! We hope you all are getting in the V-day spirit however it is you do it. Leah and I will be over here trying to convince our husbands to take us to dinner or something! 😉
A list of all of the other amazing vendors that helped make this shoot possible:
Photography: Six Hearts Photography
Coordinator: Hoopla! Events
Custom Bridal Dresses: Synderela Story
Custom Groomswear: The Tailory New York
Flowers: Gotham Florist
 Headpiece: Hushed Commotion
Hair and MakeUp: Dunique Wonderland
Hair :Michael Livsey
Balloons and Party Horns: The Sugar Confetti Shop
Custom Confetti: The Confetti Bar
Glitter Banner: The Bannerie
Custom Invitation: Nic Roc Designs
Custom Jewelry: Susie Saltzman
Models: Linda Ngo & Lulian Solomon


Call me Felicity, but I am in loooove with backpacks. It’s back-to-school time, and all I want to do is pick out a new one for myself and ravage the school supplies aisle at Target! Organizing notebooks and a planner and pencil case… I could go on and on and on. Anyway…
We have new back-to-school temporary tattoos in our Etsy shop for your kiddos! Customize with school colors and your child’s name or their school letters.
We’ve also rounded up some of our fav backpacks for your littles… unless your child insists on a 
Wild Kratts backpack like mine did! Ugh.
Click numbers for links:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9
We’ve also got some cute tats for the teeny ones…tattoos to share with the whole class!


My sweet niece and nephew are at sleep away camp, and I wanted to send them something fun that they could share with their whole cabin. Can’t send food (which is always my first thought). Boo. I had just done tattoo favors for the construction birthday party we threw, so I thought… tattoos! For everyone! And wouldn’t it be cool if it said their cabin name? How would I accomplish that? I googled it. Turns out it can be done, it just takes a little time and effort. 
I did these “camo” style ones for my nephew Steven and pennant flags for Julia.  
Friendships are permanent, these tattoos are temporary. True.
Check out these BFF’s here- our little Love & Lion babies!
HERE is the paper I used. If you DON’T have time and effort, we’re selling them in our ETSY SHOP, and we’ll do all the work for you! Just let us know the color and cabin number, and we’ll package it up and send it right to your little camper. Most likely with a Harry Potter stamp because… ya know.
We’re going to be listing more our craftiness and some of our gently used party decor we’ve used over the years in our Etsy Shop soon… woohoo!!
Make your campers happy campers HERE!
The winner of our Solly Baby / Mama and Little Giveaway is……………………
Courtney Nestor!
Congrats, you lucky duck!! Email us at loveandlion@gmail.com to claim your stylish goodies! Thank you to everyone for entering! Thank you SO much for the time and effort you took and for your constant support in our little blog-venture!