table decor


We put our house on the market Sunday and it’s already under contract… keep your fingers crossed! When we were getting ready for pictures, our real estate agent suggested to set the table in the dining room. I wanted to share a super simple table setting with you. 
This would be perfect for a mother’s day brunch! Scroll down for the how-to. 
Here’s my dining room! Best room in the house. I’ll be sad to leave all this light. Though not sad to leave that green… I’m think I’m going gray or white in the next home… what do you think?
1. Ombre flowers: These are the cheapos you can find at any grocery store. I got these in pinks from dark to light to create an ombre effect. It would look awesome to get 4-5 different types of flowers but all in the same color scheme. I put these in different shape/size milk glass vases found at antique shops. Oh and add candles. Everyone looks better in candle light. They should make an iPhone candle light app and I’d just walk around with it projected on my face all day. 
2. Table setting: charger, dinner plate, napkin, silverware, and glass. That’s really all you need! Napkins and wine glasses from Anthropologie that I’m freaking obsessed with- a birthday gift- thanks, Lauren
3. Name cards: if you want to go one extra step for a sweet personalized touch, tie the silverware with twine and a simple name tag. I cut a rectangle out of kraft paper and used a silver Sharpie. 
4. Become the effortless hostess with the mostess. 


One day until our Thanksgiving feast, and my table is already set! I may be a little excited. Creating a tablescape is my absolute favorite part of Thanksgiving ( well, second favorite to devouring all of the delicious food).
This year, I tried to use things that I mostly had on hand. I couple of Thanksgivings ago, my mom purchased some beautiful linen napkins from Pottery Barn. They weren’t cheap, but I just HAD to have them. Therefore, I owe them several appearances on my table. I absolutely love the dark teal color, and really wanted to create a table around that color with hints of gold. 
I spray painted pumpkins with a metallic gold spray paint, which has to be the easiest project ever. It makes such an impact too! I purchased some brass candlesticks a couple of years ago at a thrift store, and this is my first time using them! Sometimes you just have to wait for the perfect time to pull things out, ya know? I also had a gold dotted burlap runner from a previous event I hosted. I purchased a set of salt and pepper shakers and a Threshold runner from Target. I put the final touches on the table with some greenery, roses and pheasant feathers. Now we are ready to stuff our faces!

I hand painted a small “say grace” print with water color. I think it may be a permanent framer for my dining room.

My favorite part of my Thanksgiving decor is the floating branch above the table. I found it on the side of the road while on a walk with my daughter. I strung it up with fishing line and commando hooks. I am really considering leaving it up and stringing “snow” from it for winter, so this may not be the last you see of it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!