one year


Hey all! We hope your Thanksgiving was full of good eats, sweat pants and crazy relatives that you just love so very much! Leah and I both hosted family and friends in our homes this year. We thought we would share a few pics of our tables, but more importantly, take time to tell YOU “Thank you!!”
But first….. pictures….
Leah just moved into her home days before Thanksgiving. Let me just go on record saying that my dining room would NOT look this put together or be ready to host family. Bravo mama!!

Our very first blog post was our take on a Thanksgiving table last year. That means that the ole Love & Lion blog celebrated its one year anniversary this month! This year has gone by so incredibly fast, we have made such fun relationships through this process, and truly…… we are just so stinking grateful for each person that clicks through our site. Even if it is by accident…. we love you! We have a lot of things in store for this year!! We are excited to grow and hopefully have you all grow with us. In our recent year, Leah gave birth to that sweet Maxie of hers, moved into a new home and I am currently half way through my second pregnancy. These are big changes for us that have sometimes kept us from blogging as much as we would have liked or even from being as creative as our little hearts like to be. We are certainly mommies and wifeys first, but have a mad love for this blog. We look forward to getting to know you all even better over this next year! We appreciate you sticking with us.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts…..


For our “throw back thursday” series, we are revisiting my daughter’s first birthday party. I had ideas and color schemes running through my head since before her birth. The party was held in September, which makes for such lovely weather here in TN….usually. It is also my birthday month, so it is just an all around happy time of celebration for us. I knew I wanted to hand make the invite rather than get something printed, create a pinwheel photo booth backdrop, and use peach and mint in my color scheme. Thats it! 

^^ The invites were my FAVORITE part of the celebration. I ordered mini chalkboards, painted and cut each envelope out of watercolor paper and did a peach ombre water color, and sweet Leah did beautiful hand lettering on every. single. invite! Then, we finished it off with a photo envelope liner. I believe we did that for 28 or so. Then, I attached a chalkboard tag with some gold and cream yarn. The most special part, for me, was that they were each hand delivered. I just feel like your invite sets the tone for the entire party, and I wanted it to be special, and for each of our guests to know just how much it meant for them to be there, and how much time was taken to make their invitation a beautiful one. ^^
^^ I found doilies in the dollar section at a local craft store, and folded them over a piece of yarn, and voila. I didn’t want to take them down after the party because they made my yard look so pretty! ^^
^^ My sweet friend, Lori, covered an “A” in moss. I just wanted a little something to set outside of the door. ^^
^^ Yarn wrapped letters are a favorite of mine. I set out some of Amara’s favorite books with a pair of her baby shoes to add some sweet touches. I finished off the mantle with a ribbon – esque garland. Mine were just strips of fabric from Wal-Mart. Believe it or not….it was the only place where I could find the perfect shades of peach and mint. ^^
^^ This pinwheel backdrop was such a labor of love for me. It was a LOT of work, but I absolutely loved how all of the photo booth shots turned out. I think I cried when I was forced to break it down and throw it out. I need a studio so I can hoard all of my labors of love, right? haha! ^^

^^ My husband put together a one year video to show at the party, and to hand out as party favors. We took our cake outside and sat around some hay bales that we bought for the party ( which stayed in our yard for a good two months after the party). It was perfect. We just hung a white sheet off the side of our pergola, and borrowed a projector from our neighbor. ^^
^^Leah and I with our littles!^^