My middle kiddo, Max, has been obsessed with superheroes for almost 2 years. And it’s not going away. These are his favorite masks to play around with (rotating superheroes each half hour) and fun for girls and boys! Super inexpensive too.

1. Purchase superhero masks HERE. One order comes with 20 masks, $0.85 each!

2. Download printable HERE

3. Print on white card stock. THIS is our favorite for really good quality colors!

4. Cut right on the lines using a paper cutter. THIS one is the best for seeing where you’re cutting.

5. Punch a hole in the top left corner using THIS size punch.

6. Cut bakers twine HERE about 10″ long

7. Tie a slip knot and then tie the mask on securely and make your kiddo write their name! Ha!

To download our other free Valentine printables, click HERE!




I don’t know about you, but my oldest, Ari, is obsessed with key chains! He has about 20 on his backpack! These weird little pizza key chains are what he’s giving his class this year. Last year was the slap bracelets, which were a big hit!

1. Purchase pizza key chains HERE. One order comes with 24 pizzas, $0.50 each!

2. Download printable HERE

3. Print on white card stock. THIS is our favorite for really good quality colors!

4. Cut right on the lines using a paper cutter. THIS one is the best for seeing where you’re cutting.

5. Punch a hole in the top left corner using THIS size punch.

6. Cut bakers twine HERE about 10″ long

7. Tie a slip knot and then tie the key chain on securely and make your kiddo write their name 🙂 THIS brown is great!

Easy Cheesy!


To download our other free Valentine printables, click HERE!



All Valentine’s Day Printables

Here are some of our fav Valentines FREE printables we’ve made from the past years!

Just click on the title to be taken to the page for links and downloads.



Messy toys

Superhero Mask

Fruit Pencils

Pizza Key Chains

Heart Nail Tattoos

Harry Potter Nail Tattoos

Pokémon Cards

Pencil Sharpeners

Slap Bracelets

Light Saber 

Matchbox Cars 

Food Erasers


Harry Potter Glasses 




Happy Hannukah / Chanukah / Hanukah! Here’s a fun dreidel game starter kit to give to your kiddos or your students. I’ve found the best thing to do is to send the colorful cards, dreidel, and gelt/pom poms home with kids and then print out a few of the large black and white pages for playing in the class. That way they can have the rules in front of them as they play with friends, but also have a sealed pack they can bring home to their parents. Tell the kids when they play at home, they can use anything for gelt: paperclips, pennies, marshmallows, whatever they have around the house!





* you can also add this LATKE RECIPE printout too!


This is my favorite PAPER CUTTER we use for every printable


These books are some favorites to read to the class if they’re kindergarten – 2nd grade age:

Meet the Latkes

The Only One Club

Gracie’s Night


Happy spinning!


Luckily I had a third son so baby Harry Potter, here we are again! My first son, Ari was Harry at 11 months then 4 years. Josh at 3 months got to be my little dress up doll. Then when he was 9 3/4 months… obviously this needed to happen…..
(Lots of other DIY ideas for you HERE!)
9 3/4 months AKA Platform 9 3/4
Lightening bolt tattoo (and other super awesome HP tats) HERE.
Letterfolk Letterboard
StarryKnight Designs Moccs
June and January Black top
Scarf pattern linked below
Lightening bolt tattoo (and other super awesome HP tats) HERE.
His cardi and pants are from June & January in onyx.
Lightening bolt rattle HERE
SCARF: I knit this using this pattern
GLASSES: here. I popped the plastic lenses out
Here’s Ari at 11 months…
…and almost 4 years
Seriously hoping the tradition continues!!


Hope you guys had an amazing 4th! Seemed a bit chaotic in my (Jenni’s) household, as I am pretty sure I did not take a single picture or watch more than 4 fireworks go off! I was too busy keeping my 2 year old boy away from the fire pit and my 6 month old teether from devouring my s’more, which I truly don’t remember eating. That reminds me… I will make another one tonight and eat it privately! Who says you don’t learn from your bestie/biz partner? Did you guys see the drool worthy chocolate brownies Leah made on our story?? I am living vicariously through her prego eating right now. Loving every minute!

With Leah due to have her baby ANY day now ( I can hardly contain my excitement for her sweet family), and me embracing all the milestones that come with a 7 month old, we definitely have had baby goods on. the. brain. Wanted to share a few things that I HAD to have due to Milo’s teething/feeding craziness! Seriously, he is the drooliest, quickest teether we have had. It actually tricked me into thinking he was ready to start eating real food, but truly he just wants to gum every little thing, including his spoon used to feed him. Most days, I feel like I am in a scene of MIB where an alien just slimed me. I swear there is no purpose in trying to look cute this year.


Teethers… tried them all. Sippy cups….tried them all. Bibs….ugh…yeah. These are a few dependable products that I would buy again tomorrow if I lost them. I was able to gather all of these goods at the one stop shop that is Baby Cubby! You guys should really shop their site for the latest, most modern baby goods. I truly had a hard time trying to just buy for baby #3 because they have stuff for all littles and mamas too! whaaaa!?!? Definitely trying to convince the hubby to let us invest in the new City Lux Stroller.

controller|orange teether|bracelet|ergo bib|sleeved bib|Boon pulp feeder|baby spoons|mini mat|hooded towel

*Thank you to Baby Cubby for sponsoring this post, however, all opinions are our own! We are moms who love good products, and trustworthy companies! We choose to share with YOU the things that we jump on board with ourselves.*

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day ( and our birthdays) are the two days that Leah and I ask “off”. You know… “off” from adulting, mothering, cleaning, and maybe even wifey duties. You knooooooow! Anyway, we are dreaming up our perfect Mother’s Day and hoping our husbands read this post and follow it exactly. haha. Okay, ours won’t, but maybe YOURS will. How great would it be to have an extended pj morning followed by a nice brunch and any one of these items wrapped up? Pretty great, right? Anything that makes our lives easier, makes us feel pretty, relaxes us, helps us enjoy our hobbies more, or gives us all the feels came together in the form of this gift guide. We hope it helps!


ONE | NECKLACE | TOTE | FLOWERS | GIFT CARDS ( It is more than just a gift card. It is insured time alone with money that won’t get spent in a toy store.) Again…. you knooooooow!






Leah & Jenni




This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. It should be all year honestly. NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT but SO many women and men go through it. I (Leah) wanted to share my own story about infertility and miscarriage even though I am currently pregnant. Since you might not want to take it from me, two of my friends currently going through IVF treatments have shared their journeys as well.


If you have a loved one going through infertility, this blog post is for you too. I hope that you read this and get a little insight into how that person is feeling. Learn what to say and most importantly what NOT to say. Because trust me, when we’re pumped up on hormones and shots and emotions and you say, “don’t be sad, it’ll be okay”, or tell us a success story of someone else, we will END YOU. Ummm okay so anyway….



  1. Let’s just start here. You will save so much time if you simply go to the drug store and get a pee on the stick ovulation predictor kit. I would have saved about a year of “trying naturally” if I had known that I wasn’t even ovulating! That’s such a major DUH moment. I wish someone had told me to do this.
  1. Be aggressive/assertive. Even if you’re young, speak your mind! My OBGYN wasn’t concerned that it was taking so long, as I was only 24 at the time. You know your body, and you know when you’re ready. Be your own advocate.



My story is not unique. My story is not even close to being the worst. Obviously. Going through these low times myself I know that some of you want to just punch me in the face right now since I’m currently pregnant. And that feeling is completely valid! Every time a friend would announce their pregnancy, I would cry. Then I would cry about feeling guilty for crying. This is a very real and common emotion, and I want you to know that it is OKAY to feel this way and know you are not alone.



My husband and I started talking about having a baby on our two-year anniversary. We just thought, let’s see what happens! Guess what? Nothing happened. Month after month I’d feel disappointed which soon turned into a feeling of hopelessness. We didn’t really tell friends or family. I just thought I’d be one of those girls who would get knocked up easily, so it was a little embarrassing on top of being super sad when each month, I still wouldn’t be pregnant. My secret Pinterest board of cute maternity clothes and pretty nursery decor became utterly depressing. You know what I’m talking about.



When you’ve been married for a couple years people start asking when you’re going to have kids. NEVER AGAIN WILL I ASK ANYONE THIS QUESTION. I wanted to answer, “as soon as my uterus decides to start working but thanks so much for asking this extremely sensitive and personal question!” Even sweet friends and close family would nudge at the question, and I still took it like a knife to the heart. Every month my mom would ask if I got my period. She’s my favorite person in the world, but I seriously wanted to stab her. Love you, Mom! When my husband would say, “it’ll all work out” or “don’t be sad”, I would just want to scream! It’s not going to work out! It’s fine that I’m sad… isn’t it?



My best friend from college called me to tell me she was pregnant. She knew what I was going through and was extremely sensitive about telling me. Still, I felt crushed. I hung up the phone and immediately started sobbing. And I’m not a crier. Parts of my tears were tears of guilt. How dare I not be happy for her? How could I be so selfish? I don’t know you guys… all I can say is ALL feelings are valid. I called her right back and apologized for not acting happier (as I was sobbing, so I’m not even sure if she could understand me. I think she got the gist.) She was gracious about it of course, but I couldn’t quite get over how terrible I felt that I couldn’t be happy for her.



I decided to be more aggressive with treatment and requested Clomid from my regular OBGYN. I took it for 3 months, and I still wasn’t ovulating. This is when we finally told our families what was going on, and they encouraged us to go to a fertility clinic.

Our doctor was kind and listened intently. He took us seriously. That’s one of the best parts of switching to a fertility clinic. This is their jam. Everyone from the receptionists to the blood draw techs knows what you’re going through. There are no babies in the waiting room. It’s not shoved in your face like “see what MYYYY body can do?” Our doctor switched me to Femara and also recommended fertility acupuncture. After three months of Femara I started ovulating but still was not getting pregnant. Then we started IUI’s (Intrauterine insemination). On the third IUI, I felt sure it would work. Then I got my period. I called the nurse to schedule another IUI, and she told me that I would need to start shots. I said okay great, let’s get going. Then she informed me that in order to start shots, you needed to take a month of classes. I. Lost. My. Shit. I did NOT want to wait another month. The poor nurse took my emotional outburst like a champ (this couldn’t have been the first time). The next day I was leaving for New York to visit my mom and sister, so I thought it was perfect timing to blow off some steam. But when I woke up… no period. I took a test and it was positive! Whaaaat? After taking another test on the plane (yes, I’m psycho) that turned out to be negative, I made my mom and sister take me to a random NY clinic to get a blood test. This one turned out to be positive! My doctor thought it was a disappearing twin. Such a weird situation, but I was thrilled. I had a healthy baby boy who was worth every freaking penny. With my second son two years later, we just went right back to our fertility doctor and right back to Femara and an IUI which worked on the first try. Sorry, I know that’s super annoying to some of you.



Three years after my second son, I had a hunch and took a pregnancy test. It was positive. Wait, seriously after all this, my body just started working? Everyone was shocked and thrilled, most of all, my husband and me! But soon I started to feel strange. It just didn’t feel like my other two pregnancies. My early blood test came back with low HCG levels. An early ultrasound revealed a hemorrhage. My regular OB didn’t seem concerned and told me she had just read an article on how hemorrhages had no relation to miscarriages. She was wrong. I started bleeding when my husband was on a trip to LA. Our dear friend came over to watch the kids while I went into the ER. I had lost my baby. It was the worst day of my life, and I was completely alone. No fault to my husband of course, it was just terrible timing. I couldn’t even drive myself home, I was crying so hard. I thought this baby had been a miracle baby. I was 9 weeks when I lost her (I just had a feeling it was a girl). I hope you never have to experience loss, but if you do, just know that it doesn’t matter how far along you are. It is still devastating to lose a child, even at the very beginning. Before my own miscarriage I just kind of thought it happened often and wasn’t that sad, never really thinking through how horrible it is for that parent. I’m ashamed to say I felt that way but it’s true. Anyway, as soon as I got home, I crawled in bed with my oldest son and held him as he slept. I truly do not know how people cope with a miscarriage if they don’t have a child already. My heart goes out to you. You’re stronger than I am. That loss never really goes away, not completely. I went to a Medium months later (more as a general reading) who told me I had had my baby so that she could become my angel. I hold onto that thought daily.



After a few months, life got back to normal and so did my body. I got pregnant again naturally, and this time it stuck. So here I am, 29 weeks later. Am I still scared of losing this baby? Ummm yes. That’s just how it’s going to be until I can hold this baby in my arms. When you’ve gone through infertility or a miscarriage, you don’t take anything for granted. I’m not going to complain (except to my husband of course) about the hardships of being pregnant. I am grateful for every single kick, every single ache and pain, every single varicose vein, every terrible night sleep. I cannot wait.


If you have ANY questions at all, please feel free to email/DM/comment here. I would love to talk with you. Please read below of my friends’ experiences with infertility and IVF.







FRIEND A’S STORY (Currently going through a second round of IVF):

My husband and I had been married three years when we decided to start trying to begin our little family. It had always been in the back of my head that it would take a little time, however I truly don’t think we were prepared for the journey we were about to embark on when we started. I actually started writing this sharing ALL the details of everything we went through before we welcomed our miracle in April 2015, but then I remembered what one of the biggest lessons I learned in going through infertility and thought I’d share what really stuck with me and has actually been applicable in so many situations since!


The number one piece of advice I can give anyone on this road is to not compare your infertility story with someone else that has struggled. When we were in the midst of our story, I’d find myself googling blogs or message boards and reading others stories and trying to find a common ground with their situation – but also in that I’d allow comparison to lead to worry and fear.


When we were just beginning our IVF process I had so many friends offer stories of their friends or someone they just met who did IVF and it didn’t work BUT they’d always follow up with “then they randomly got pregnant.” Every time I heard that IVF didn’t work for someone my heart sank a little more and doubt crept in. Why were we going to do this if it isn’t going to work? Why were we spending our savings to do this if it is not successful? For me, doubt leads to a lack of trust that God is absolutely in control of everything that comes our way. If I was going to survive this infertility journey, I had to stand strong in what I believed to be true no matter our outcome. Deciding to do IVF is a very personal and difficult decision – you don’t need to also have the struggle of comparing the success with others added onto that pile of stress.


Thankfully our first round of IVF was successful, and we welcomed our little guy 9 months later. I’ll never forget when he was born, and I held him for the first time – I said the journey is over and I sobbed like a baby. Every. Single. Day. of those three and half years was worth all the pain and heartache for that moment. Every hormone, shot, test, ultrasound, and the money – it was all worth it to get our little guy. I can’t even imagine not trying IVF and not having that opportunity.


I hope that if you are reading this and you are going through this journey that you can find a hope that has been placed deep in your soul to cling to during this time. I don’t know the plan God has for you or your journey – it may not have a happy ending or the way you envisioned it going, but I know that there is a plan, and you will have the strength to get through whatever is before you. I also want you to know that you are not alone! It amazed me how friends were placed in my life that either were going through the same journey or had just gone through it to encourage and walk with us. Be open with those you love and trust – let them help soothe you when you need that extra dose of love. Leah and Jenni were two of my dearest friends during this journey – with Leah having gone through it herself and Jenni just constantly speaking hope-giving words of encouragement – it really made the journey so much easier. Thanks ladies! XO! Oh and I would recommend acupuncture if you are going through this not just for the health benefit but it is so relaxing – again thanks to Leah for that recommendation!




You’re sick of not feeling like yourself. Exhausted, really. You’re not a sad, frustrated, bitter, jealous, shameful person. And yet. You can’t shake it. You feel angry, a lot. Someone says the wrong thing, asks the wrong question, has the wrong response. You try to forget, but these moments are seared into your story.

You feel the need to isolate, insulate. You fight yourself over it. You can see reason, logic, but can’t live it. You know they won’t comment on your weight gain or stare at your new acne. You know you should go to the shower and visit the baby. Will they see the darkness? Will they see through the strained smile and thin laugh? Will they ask? You let well wishes and encouragement from those “who know” give way to this horrific self-absorption and pity. And you feel guilty and awful about it. But you give in.

In bursts that are gone too quickly, you’re grateful for the good in your life. Your husband: working tirelessly to support this heavy financial burden, letting you act out when you learn about another friend’s pregnancy, and calling from work declaring “let’s have a date night.” He’s too good to you. You’re the reason for this. Why, and how does he stay so steady, optimistic, and intuitive, while you’re paralyzed by sadness. Your heart swells thinking about him—and, and– sigh– the sadness comes back.
You recall the conversations with brave friends that started “I hope you never need to know about this, but here’s my story.” Without them, you’d be navigating alone through the darkness. You repeat one friend’s words: “everyone gets their baby” at times that make you smile through sobs.

There’s a break. There’s a new start. There’s an opportunity to shift. You try to take it. You try to be more thankful, more emphatic and feel more love. Your family takes a once-in-a lifetime vacation and you’re present and feel joy every day. A friend sends you special cookies after your surgery and you cry because that’s love. You go to dinner and nobody asks, with that look, “how are you doing?” but instead they talk about things that are light and you laugh.

You have more days where your mind and body are busy. You’re really trying to be better. You have a plan. You go multiple days in a row without crying and that’s a win. You still have waves of overwhelming sadness, guilt, frustration. Your body is beat up and you’re emotionally exhausted. You confront the worst case scenario. You’re just so tired. But you can handle it. You’ve gotten stronger.

You get good news. The news. You hold on so tight, like those fleeting feelings of gratefulness. Can I hold on? Is it real?

You’re still so fragile. You’ll be OK.




To make a long story short, my wonderful friend “C” who went through every test and procedure you could imagine was just matched up with a baby-to-be for adoption, and she could not be more thrilled! This is her path in life, and it just feels right. So happy for her and her husband!



If you’ve made it to the end, know that it’s not the end for you. Know you’re not alone. Sending you love through the interwebs!



DIY Pom Pom Sandals


We are obsessed with all things pom-pom and tassel! Seriously… if it has a tassel on it, it just got cuter, and we are buying it. Shhhh, don’t tell our hubbies. We wanted to share this EEEEAAASSSY DIY with you guys so you can create a pair for yourself in all of your spare time. Ha!

I (Jenni) decided to take this on because I was not finding the perfect pom colors on my perfect sandal for a decent price tag! Ya feel me? I haven’t done a DIY in a while, so I was mad excited to get my hands on my absolute fav pair of gladiator sandals and customize them. Here is where it all gets good…. my sandals are from Old Navy, which means they are budget friendly, and they are so freaking comfortable. Secondly, we came across our friend, Carter’s, shop on Etsy and entered into tassel and pom-pom heaven!!! You may even have a hard time picking, which I totally did. Her options are endless, so you will have a so much fun picking your own colors.

Here is how you do it:
– Pick your sandals and pom/tassel mix
– Unlace the sandals. I had to cut off the tassels at the end of my strings because they were too big to fit through the holes.
– Make sure your laces are even on both ends of your starting point and start stringing your poms and tassels!

Oh and last step…. make all your girlfriends wonder where. you. got. them!!!

If you want to try and make these on your own, but need a little help, be sure to head over to our IG for a fun giveaway! You could receive your own sandal making kit complete with the sandals, poms, tassels, and a pack of tattoos! If not for you, enter for a friend!!




It only took me 2 1/2 years to organize my playroom… but it’s finally looking pretty good! All that I needed was a system. Thankfully my besties The Home Edit let me bother them over and over about what to do. They suggested I color code shelves for easy cleanup, and label bins so that everything has a home. I purchased some inexpensive solutions, all linked below! Truly hoping this makes clean up easier for my kids and me!

Board games and puzzles on the top row, books on the middle row, and baskets filled with smaller items on the bottom row. ROYGBIV everything so everyone knows where it goes!

For decor, I tried to stick to 3 colors: mint, golden yellow, and red. Keeps things easy!


Shelves under the TV

& Baskets (10″)

Bin clips

Removable tape for bin labels (but I wrote with a sharpie)

Round white and mint bin – Target Pillowfort, only in stores

Shelves under the window (2)

& Bins

Shelves under the artwork

Baskets (ikea, no longer available)

White fluffy chair

Yellow lamp (Target, no longer available)

Mint woven bin

Anyone feed the kids art print

Art table

Aqua chairs




Man playing trumpet

Lion & people


School bus

Let me know if you have any questions!!




COZY: beanie/swaddle set | dockatot | ugg booties | Llama security blanket | baby bath goods | star sleeper | grey sleeper

CUTE: milestone cards | teethers | hairbows | pacifier clip | pacifiers

MAMA: diaper bag | new mama spray | nipple balm | dry shampoo | leggings | nursing bra | comfy tee | lip balm

HOME: rockaroo | mini crib | storage bin | rug | play gym

GEAR: breastfeeding system | feeding cover | cart hammock | wrap

It has only taken me 3 months to gather a list of my favorites for baby #3. It truly has taken me all of that time to get my bearings and feel like walking out of my house. Being home and staying in our jammies most days has become all too normal. I am certain that the people that work at our local Target are like, “does that woman EVER shower?” Yes!… I do… once a week. 😉

New baby products are constantly flooding the mama market, and even as close as my second and third children are, there were STILL new things that either I was wanting to try or things that were recommended by other moms. Enough new things for me to go on an spending spree! You should really consider creating a registry on there (even if you don’t have a shower), because you get 15% off of eligible products for a one time purchase towards the end of your pregnancy. It saves a lot if you have a cart full, ya know?

Okay! So most of these things are self explanatory, but I do want to touch on a couple of products that I feel like are worth the extra shout-out.

We love everything about these Wash With Water bath products! They smell great, and are super safe for baby skin….even if they have super sensitive skin conditions. A+

We are kind of in love with everything in the “cute” column. I can’t get over the bright colors and designs of the Little Standout teethers! The original milestone cards make it super easy for us mamas to keep track of our baby’s growth and milestones. Does anybody else forget? I always miss their monthly photos!!! These glow in the dark pacifiers are a LIFE SAVER!!!! If your baby takes a paci, then these are a must. You will no longer be digging around in the middle of the night for the pacifier that fell on the floor or got lost in the bed sheets. Hallelujah! Although, we did not have a girl, I still took these little bows to the hospital with me (we were being surprised with the gender) just incase everyone was wrong and we were having a girl! 😉 They are so beautiful you guys!! Little Poppy Co offers a monthly subscription for their bows, and that would make such an amazing little baby shower gift!

Mama needs some stuff too, right? Diaper bag – obsessed!! Best one I have owned… hands down. I tried the New Mama bottom spray for the first time because what the hospital send you home with seems a bit harsh and I wanted something natural. I loved it, and highly recommend. I have tried several different nipple creams also, and this one is by far my favorite! It just does the job right! I apply religiously and it makes all the difference when you are trying to adjust to breastfeeding in the beginning. These maternity leggings were worn every day for the first couple of weeks haha. So comfortable! They hold their shape, don’t fade, and are totally worth the splurge.

We have loved our washable rug! It makes it great to just lay baby down and let the other kids lay down and smother him with kisses and baby talk. Where have washable rugs been all of my life? The little play gym is the sweeeeetest!! So pretty, organic, and well constructed.

Okay, this breastfeeding system changed my life!! I use it with my Medela pump, but it allows our dishwasher to be bottle FREE!!! That cuts down so much time and work for me. I saw a friend using it, and decided to give it a try, and I will sing its praises until something better comes along. I love the idea of a shopping cart hammock (especially if you have other kids). It always makes me so nervous to see moms put car seats in the front of a cart. So unsafe!! This hammock allows for maximum shopping space and allows another kid to be in the cart if needed. Lastly, I am a pretty big lover of the Solly Baby Wrap, however, I feel like it takes a long time for me to get it all wrapped and ready for baby. Maybe it is just me. The sakura is the wrap I choose if I need to be in and out pretty quickly, and baby boy is not having the car seat. It is just easy to get on and get the baby settled in.

Sorry for the lengthy post friends, but I wanted to share my every thought about the things that are helping me get back on track and adjust to being a mommy of 3. I hope this helps you if you are still staying up late reading 1k+ reviews of baby products on amazon like I know I did and Leah is doing right now.







Anyone else’s kiddo obsessed with the app Pokémon Go and collecting the cards? It’s ALL my son, Ari talks about. Valentine’s Day is 3 days away, so obviously he needs Pokémon Valentines for his class. OMG. Hope this helps you last minute parents out too! Scroll down for the download.

Now go CATCH those Pokémon! Get it?



2. CUTTING BOARD: THIS is our fav


4. Attach cards with WASHI TAPE, or you could tie a small pack on the card



For more free printables, click the links below!